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Locals Guide to Best Coffee Shops in St. Louis

Best Coffee Shops in St. Louis

How do you start your day on the right foot? We all know the answer. Coffee. This drink has become so essential in our lives that we couldn't get our minds off doing a list of the best coffee shops in St. Louis. But how to choose the best of the best with so many options in the STL? Our MMM Community gave us a hand and we gathered the Top 24 Coffee Shops in the Lou!

#24 - #4

With people mentioning each of these spots we had to show them love on the charts as they each received an equal amount of votes.

  • Kitchen House Coffee
  • Toasted House
  • Café Ventana
  • Blueprint Coffee
  • Comet Coffee
  • Pint Size Bakery & Coffee
  • Coma Coffee Roasters
  • Gelateria Del Leone
  • Living Room Coffee and Kitchen
  • Lola Jean's
  • Espresso Yourself Coffee & Café
  • Lanai Coffee
  • Kakao Chocolate
  • Stringbean Coffee
  • Picasso's Coffee
  • Nathaniel Reid Bakery
  • Park Avenue Coffee
  • Foundry Café and Market
  • Shameless Grounds
  • Fiddlehead Fern Café
  • Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Co

#3 Rise Coffee House

This neighborhood Coffee House seeks to gather the community by providing an intimate space in which everyone is invited! Their wish is to awaken their neighborhood through their delicious treats, their appetizing seasonally prepared breakfast, and most important, their variety of coffee. This place might just bethe perfect place for an everyday breakfast.

#2 The Mud House

The Mud House may sound like a disorganized restaurant, but, on the contrary, this coffee shop is known to be peaceful and a great place to hang out with your friends. Not only do they have an amazing staff that is always ready to serve you with a smile, but also their coffee is incredible. Their varied options range from dirty chai to iced lattes with a focus on making sure you will never be disappointed. 

#1 Sump Coffee

Sump Coffee is the perfect place to escape the winter season of the STL. Their different and innovative drinks has positioned itself as the best coffee shop, according to our MMM Community. Sump Coffee's mission is to educate the locals on the wonders of coffee, that is why their drinks are always made on the spot, even with their complex options. Sump Coffee is a warm craft coffee bar where you can get experience the magic of coffee.

The people of St Louis have spoken! But now is your chance to be able to Discover St Louis. Pick any of these spots, check out their instagram and see what perks they'll give you by checking-in at them using the MMM LIVE app your free guide to exploring St Louis like a local. 

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