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Locals Guide to Best Bars in St. Louis

Locals Guide to Best Bars in St. Louis

Imagine yourself getting out of the office after a long day. You just want to escape from the routine but instead, you keep losing your time looking for a place to go. Our MMM Community has found the solution for your problem. Are you ready to start living unique experiences while enjoying your favorite drinks? Because we have curated a list of the Top 30 Bars in St. Louis. So, what are you waiting for? Start living life to the fullest!

#30 - #2

With people mentioning each of these spots we had to show them love on the charts as they each received an equal amount of votes.

  • Moonrise Hotel
  • Sasha's Demun
  • The Monocle
  • Craft Fox Bar
  • Bar Louie
  • Three Sixty Rooftop Bar
  • Small Change Bar
  • Form Sky Bar
  • The Crowd's Nest Bar
  • The Doghaus Soulard
  • The Royale
  • The Hide Away
  • Tamm Ave Bar
  • Barcelona Tapas
  • Parlor Bar
  • Nick's Pub
  • Rockwell Beer Co
  • 1764 Public House
  • Taste Bar
  • The Gin Room
  • Planter's House
  • Bassos STL
  • The Tenderloin Room
  • Gamlin Whiskey House
  • Amsterdam Tavern
  • 4 Hands Brewing Co
  • Gezellig
  • Sasha's on Shaw
  • El Burro Loco CWE 

#1 Yellow Belly

If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle, then this is the perfect place for you. Yellow Belly, our MMM Community recommended favorite, is a tropical bar where you will certainly fall in love with their island flavors. Their cocktail menu is like a "love letter" to rum. As you may guess, their specialty is rum, so don't be afraid and explore the innovative cocktails that the Yellow Belly has to offer. Our recommendation: Try the Yellow Belly Cocktail, you won't regret it! 

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