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Locals Guide to Best Bakeries in St. Louis

Best Bakeries in St. Louis

Gastronomically, the heart of St. Louis is in its bakery. With a wide variety of bake shops, the Lou could have not surprised us more with the delicious sweets they have! Our MMM Community shared their opinion on this matter, and thank to them, we gather the most selective list of bakeries in St. Louis, all locally recommended. Guess what? Something that we never saw coming happened... we got the ultimate must-go bakery in St. Louis! 


#6 - #2

With people mentioning each of these spots we had to show them love on the charts as they each received an equal amount of votes.

  • Toasted House
  • Federhofer's Bakery
  • SweetArt Bakeshop
  • La Patisserie Chouquette
  • Mauhaus Cat Café and Lounge

#1 Nathaniel Reid Bakery

Nathaniel Reid Bakery... The Ultimate Winner! This bakery opened just a few years ago and our MMM community has positioned it as the best bakery in St. Louis. From more than ten flavors of macaroons to other French pastries, such as his croissants; each one of the flavors are distinguished by Reid's dedication on emphasizing their essence. Chef Reid welcomes locals and visitors into his bakery with different pastries and holiday treats that reflect the very essence and importance of community.


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And the Winner is ...

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