What Does it Mean to Discover

What Does it Mean to Discover

Discovering is the moment where we find something of importance and significance in our lives. Sometimes it’s a place that was always there but that we had never noticed before. Sometimes it’s a song that we hear in a live music venue. Sometimes it’s a work of art that changes the way we view the world. Sometimes it’s a visit to another city that takes us out of our comfort zones and challenges our limiting belief systems. Sometimes it’s a person that we never thought we’d find that stumbles into our lives in the most random, albeit destined way.

Discovery cannot be forced. It cannot be scheduled. It cannot be placed in an itinerary. But it can be found, and it can be shared. The energy and love in that moment of discovery contains the power to improve our lives and those around us. To create an impact on the world around us it should be acknowledged, cherished and shared.

So when a hidden gem is uncovered it is imperative that we share it with those whom most we love. When a song lifts your spirits, it is sure to lift the spirit of a friend nearby when you sing it to them. When a work of art shapes your vision, tell those closest to you how you’ve grown. When you meet someone new that inspires hope tell them how appreciative you are to have them in your life.

Discovery is a gift. Sharing it with others is the only request love asks of us. Your reward is the abundance of new discoveries to come.

When you discover something that makes you feel inspired —pay it forward.

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