Wellness Events in Miami Vol. 6

One weekend a year, we celebrate labor, honoring the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of our beautiful country. This holiday has been celebrated since the late part of the 19th century, so we must carry on with the tradition. Here is the must do list of wellness events in Miami, Vol 6.: Labor Day Weekend Edition.

“Wellness Events in Miami on Friday”

HIIT Focus at Punch Boxing for Fitness:

You probably thought I was going to take it easy on you. Nah… Start your weekend with the quickest way of letting go of all the residue of a work week. Punch it away! A HIIT inspired boxing class. An intense strength and conditioning class to help you make those punches powerful and burn away any stresses from the week.

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Bike & Core at Waterbiking Studio:

You probably thought that my second option for your Friday was going to be a little easier than the first one right? NO! How about ending the week on a high and wet note. WaterBiking classes provide a workout where you can burn up to 800 calories in one session. Jump into the pool. Get on an underwater bike and ride (or swim) the week away. It’s low impact, high intensity, and super cool!

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Jazz at MOCA:

Alright... Maybe it was a really long week. And you deserve some chill time and good Jazz music at the Museum of Contemporary Art. MOCA is internationally recognized as a force in defining new trends and directions in contemporary art. The museum presents an exciting mix of both emerging and legendary artists. Doesn’t get better than art and music. And who doesn’t love Jazz on a Friday night?

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“Wellness Events in Miami on Saturday”

Ice Cream Social and Fun Run:

I so want to do this one! Good causes inspire me! September kicks off Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and serves as the 21-day countdown for the St. Jude 5K Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer. The St. Jude team would like to welcome friends and families to take part in a festive kid-friendly Ice Cream Social hosted at SLOAN's Ice Cream at CityPlace Doral. But before that you have a friendly 3 mile run. You want to burn the calories before consuming them, right?

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5k Run and Yoga Stretch at Om Movement:

If the idea of a 3 mile run and ice cream didn’t sit well with you, how about a 5K run followed by yoga stretch instead of ice cream? This is a runner-focused yoga stretch class. Yoga stretch class takes place inside the studio. Running pace is conversational! We love that, and the fact that it’s open to all levels. I wonder if you can go live on Facebook while running?

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Kundalini Power Hour at Sacred Space:

Sometimes you just need to do something completely different. Have you tried Kundalini? I did Kundalini for a while. It’s like the rebel of yoga. Hard to explain, but it works. Powerful stuff. If you are a yoga nerd and curious about different ways of connecting with your inner self, I suggest you try it. Don’t expect downward dogs and traditional hatha yoga postures. You will move the body in ways you probably haven’t tried before.

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Beach Workout at Lummus Park:

If running is not your thing, and Kundalini sounds too far out there, then head to the beach with Tony and PJ from Beat the Gym for the ultimate conditioning class in the natural element of sand, close to the water. Compared to training on firm ground, training on the sand is much harder, but also more effective. This class will challenge you to elevate your fitness abilities to the next level. Ready?

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“Wellness Events in Miami on Sunday”

Free Community Yoga at Lincoln Road:

Join Adrian Molina (yours truly) and the Warrior Flow crew for this weekly growing community of yogis practicing on Lincoln Rd and Euclid under the palm trees. Special Guest and Pilates SuperStar Sue Spinelli will be leading a Pilates segment. They have a live DJ, and a partnership this month with Innergy Meditation, who provides a meditation teacher to lead a guided meditation at the end of each class. This Sunday Manny Stoilov will be the meditation guide. DJ Cisco brings amazing sound production and tunes. Super chill and laid back atmosphere; pet- and kid-friendly.

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Women Run Wynwood:

A women’s empowerment 5K run you will not regret. Women can come together to help each other rise, starting each month with power and positive energy by providing an experience that motivates, supports, and lifts women to another level of empowerment. They have guest speakers, a DJ, and vendors. Way more than just a run! Plus you are in Wynwood, so you can hang around the area afterwards.

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Yoga + Art in the Park at Miami Beach Botanical Garden:

Bring your kids and let their imagination and creativity soar! Watch them make arts and crafts under the palms and explore all kinds of media and materials to express their inner Picasso. Let the kids create while you rejuvenate with a soothing yoga flow.

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Muse 45 at Innergy:

A 45-minute class where you’ll be guided through several meditations wearing a MUSE brain-sensing headset. Between each meditation set, you’ll discuss and analyze the results to help you get a deeper understanding of how to calm your mind and deepen your meditation practice. You will hear different feedback sounds that will indicate whether you are in a calm or active state of mind. I have one of these devices at home. If you are into brain technology this is a good gadget.

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