Wellness Events in Miami Vol. 5


During full moon the entire face of the moon is illuminated by the sun’s rays, like astral glitter, making even the darkest night shine vibrantly. The Moon/Mood Connection is real. Each of us will experience the effects of Sunday’s full moon in different ways. Here at MMM, we are feeling the gravitational lunar pull, the sensual, feminine, nocturnal, jazzy, artsy. Our drums are beating to the rhythm of Mother Earth and her satellite child. We are super excited to present to you with Wellness Events in Miami. Vol. 5. Lunar Edition.

“Wellness Events in Miami on Friday”

Drumming and Dreaming at Innergy:

Start the full moon weekend with a deep dive into your mind and getting your stuff ready before the full moon hits. Drumming and Dreaming is an experience where one gets to connect with and heal unresolved past experiences and self-limiting beliefs. Lead by Fernando Subirats. This work is intended for those who feel stuck in their bodies and thought patterns. The benefits of this session are renewed self-confidence, creativity, clarity, motivation, emotional honesty and a palpable sense of inter-connectedness.

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Moon Dance Experience at Sacred Space:

This is a form of ecstatic dance that involves dynamic yoga stretch, cacao activation, sound healing, dancing and meditation. “Ecstatic Dance” is a free dance technique where the DJ guides the audience through an eclectic selection of tracks that rhythmically build a story that peaks with a crescendo then slows down at the end. The dancers begin and end in relaxation pose. Tap into the lunar vibe by expanding your spirit and connecting with your body through the power of music.

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“The Cabaret South Beach” at the Shellborne Hotel:

Set the mood for the weekend with cocktails and lite bites at the #1 Cabaret and Piano bar in South Beach. Enjoy a wide selection of piano players and professional singers. Definitely not what would you expect in the 305. That’s precisely why it might be worth trying out. Trade in the club and trendy bar scenes for something different.

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“Wellness Events in Miami on Saturday”

The Wharf Take Over by Beat the Gym:

Before you light the candles and get all intuitive and introspective and meditate on the moon, perhaps you want to start the day with a killer workout. Celebrity trainer Tony Thomas is not shy. He will warn you: if you don’t want a super-toned body, this class is not for you. Core training, balance, and flexibility are all included to create a total, well-rounded program. This class combines intense cardio and core exercises for maximum fat and calorie burn and helps build muscle quickly. I got a little short of breath just from reading the description.

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Wim Hof Method at Anatomy:

I’ve been curious about the Wim Hof Method because a couple of my friends who are personal trainers have tried it and swear by it. You can actually take Tony Thomas’ workout at the Wharf and then head to Anatomy for this workshop to cool off the Wim Hof way. I am sure after his workout you will need cold exposure! Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, is a Dutch extreme athlete noted for his ability to withstand extreme cold, which he attributes to his Wim Hof Method (WHM) breathing techniques. In this in-depth session workshop you will learn how to master your breathing, mindset and cold adaptation techniques to improve focus, reduce stress, and enhance mental and physical performance. The ice bath is also great for reducing inflammation.

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Local Art Club at Garden Food and Bar:

Let’s take it down a notch, and go back to our lunar roots. Imagine some of your favorite things combined. A social gathering that incorporates the best of art, fashion and house music. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Meet with local artists, musicians or simply people who love art. Local Art Club provides an opportunity for local electronic music DJs, artists, musicians, designers, fashionistas, art administrators, volunteers and arts supporters to meet up, share ideas and have an amazing evening.

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Summer Cabaret Concert Series at Deering Estate:

How about an early dinner from Miami Spice, and then a mix of soul, jazz, blues, latin, world and Bossa Nova at the Summer Concert Series at Deering Estate, featuring Vintash Band who have created a sound all their own? The concert begins at 8 pm inside the great hall of the Stone House. The main gate opens at 7 pm. Definitely my type of night out.

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“Wellness Events in Miami on Sunday”

Moonlight Yoga by Equinox South Beach:

This is the second month in a row that Equinox South Beach honors the full moon by inviting everyone to a yoga and meditation by the ocean. Instructor Adrian Molina (me) will take you through a Full Moon Lit Flow and Meditation while in the background the ocean breeze reminds you of how lucky we are to live in the Magic City.

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Free Community Yoga at Lincoln Road:

Join the Warrior Flow crew for this weekly growing community of yogis practicing at the heart of Lincoln Road. They have a live DJ, live singing, guided meditations, and special guests. This week coach Jeremy Abramson will be leading the mobility warm up and doing some “animal flow” moves.

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Full Moon Beach Meditation at South Pointe Park:

This full moon guided meditation takes place every month at South Pointe Beach. The instructors are from the non-profit O&O ACADEMY and their mission is to make spirituality meaningful for everyday living, especially on such a wonderful occasion as the full moon, on one of the nicest beaches in South Beach.

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Super Full Moon Glow Tour:

How about getting even closer to the moon by enjoying the sunset over Downtown Miami’s skyline stand-up paddleboards that are LED-lit from below? I enjoyed this guided tour, and often you get to see some of the marine life of Biscayne Bay. Spaces are very limited, so act quickly if you’re interested.

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