Top Ten Food Trucks in Miami

Food trucks in miami 

Miami is a culinary mecca for foodies, serving a variety of different cuisines from various countries around the globe. The Food Truck Guys have narrowed down our top then food trucks in Miami today. The food trucks we chose had to check three categories: customer experience, amazing food and most importantly, the story of the people behind the food trucks. Our list is in no particular order and will be evolving and constantly changing as the food truck movement continues to grow in Miami. Check out our list below! 

 Top ten food trucks in miami

Tiago’s Tacos

Meet the team: Gabriel Bayma, owner of Tiago’s Tacos has revolutionized the way we do taco Tuesday. The birth of his baby, Tiago, gave him the drive to create an amazing food truck highlighting tacos, burritos and rice bowls cooked with some unconventional techniques. Must have: Classic alpastor street tacos. Perfectly seasoned pork, wrapped in a warm flour tortilla and topped in your choice of fresh veggies and tangy sauces.

15450 SW 136 St
Miami, FL

Top ten food trucks in miami

Santo Dulce

Meet the team: Yule and Laura, owners of Santo Dulce, are forging a path for women everywhere. This power couple are forging a path for women to be able to do whatever they want and love whomever they choose! Must have: The Salted Dulce… This heavenly dessert starts with a scoop of creamy, vanilla ice cream, a freshly fried halo churro that is drizzled in a divine dulce de leche sauce and topped with Venezuelan shredded cheese.

For Schedule Info
@santodulcechurros (IG)

 Top ten food trucks in miami

Tumbao Buns

Meet the team: Oscar Flores is always thinking of new ways to change up his menu depending on their changing locations. Tumbao offers their customers with a fusion of gourmet Latin/Asian street food on a steamed bun. Must have: Next time you visit Tumbao Buna, order their signature Churrasco Bao. Marinated in the house mojito sauce, this skirt steak is untouchable. Then, they topped it in seasoned mini fries and served within a warm bao bun.

2250 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL

 Top ten food trucks in miami

The Wich Dr.

Meet the team: Chef Steven Harmon is the proud owner of The Wich Dr. He left the restaurant industry to follow his passion and open up his own food truck where he conjures up some of the wildest sandwiches using locally sourced ingredients. Must have: Korean BBQ Beef Brisket. Perfectly, smoked brisket, topped with a fresh kimchi slaw and ginger-sesame aioli and served on a toasted brioche bun.

For Schedule Info
@the_wich_dr (IG)

 Top ten food trucks in miami

Fried Balls

Meet the team: Anthony Proenza is the owner of Fried Balls. After 31 years, he ditched the corporate life to open his very own food truck. Anthony is serving up some amazing pescaratian dishes along with vegan options. Must have: We couldn’t pick just one, so here are two! The first is Anthony recommends is the tequila lime crab AND shrimp sandwich served with his habanero pineapple slaw and drizzled with a lemon aioli. And, his staple: the cheezeball. This cheesy concoction is made from three different cheeses, vegetarian chorizo and topped with a tomato basil drizzle. Sign us up!

8679 W 33rd Ave
Hialeah, FL

 Top ten food trucks in miami

Adam’s Filling Station

Meet the team: Adam Feigeles likes to think of himself as a cook with an imagination. This fellow Miamian is serving up some sensational burgers with unique toppings since 1994. Must have: Adam’s Filly tots are to die for, we hear. Tots are piled high and smothered with shaved rib eye steak, sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions and topped with mozzarella cheese. The Filly is served with their garlicky mustardy mayo, one of many signature sauces. 

For Schedule Info
@adamsfillingstn (IG)

 Top ten food trucks in miami

Shawarma’s Diana

Meet the team: Gabriel and Antonia Machek have dedicated themselves to serving Miami with the most authentic Arabic food with a Venezuelan twist. Moving to the states just a few years ago, this power couple has proved their family recipes are something worth trying. Must have: Gabriel’s favorite dish is the Beef Shawarma. Perfectly grilled meat seasoned with the most beautiful spices is then wrapped in a fresh pita bread, topped with crisp veggies and drizzle their tangy parsley and sesame sauces.

13205 SW 137th Ave
Miami, FL

 Top ten food trucks in miami

Colombian Extreme Food

Meet the team: Husband and wife duo, Karen Prada and Gabriel Herrea grew up in Medellin, Colombia and when they decided to move to America, brought their cooking techniques with them. Proud of where they came from, they are serving Miami with some classic Colombian foods with a twist. Must have: Salchipapa extreme, this classic Colombian street food starts with thinly sliced fried sausages and French fries and topped with different traditional sauces.

9225 SW 137th Ave
Miami, FL

 Top ten food trucks in miami

Pirate Brothers BBQ

Meet the team: Bryan Torres is bringing award winning smoked BBQ to Miami. They have joined the movement to bring BBQ to Florida along with their famous BBQ sauce. With influences from North Carolina, Kansas City, Texas and Alabama, they’re bringing a little sweet with a little heat! Must have: Their favorite dish is none other than the BBQ Mac and Cheese. This decadent dish starts with a layer of their gruyere mac and cheese, topped with their tender pulled pork and BBQ sauce drizzle. We will order two, thank you!

2250 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL

Top ten food trucks in miami 

Karla Bistro

Meet the team: From building food trucks, to owning their own food truck. Oscar Romero found a love for cooking and opened his very own food truck serving various Venezuelan dishes. Must have: The errollado is a wrap comprised of a mix of grilled meat and chicken topped with fresh veggies and wrapped in a pita bread. It is then drizzled with their signature sauces and sprinkled with fried potato sticks. 

14955 SW 88th St
Miami, FL


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food trucks of miami

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