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ARTECHOUSE Miami, the second permanent location of the leading digital art space in the United States, blurs the line between artist and observer by presenting new media artworks and interactive, sensory experiences to guests that are powered by art and technology.

The unprecedented, experiential art experience, XYZT: Abstract Landscapes, offers a first of its kind sensory encounter, featuring 10 interactive installations composed by internationally-acclaimed French artists Adrien M & Claire B. ARTECHOUSE’s popular premiere exhibition XYZT: Abstract Landscapes - which has been extended through Labor Day, September 2, 2019 - consists of 10 installations located within the confines of intersecting spatial planes — X (horizontality), Y (verticality), Z (depth) and T (time). Guests use their own movements to interact with light in a series of digital landscapes inspired by nature, including walking on floors that react to footsteps as if strolling through a grass meadow, manipulating light particles within a giant digital cube, and blowing into glass boxes to witness virtual letters assemble and disassemble as by a touch of magic.

We sat down with the team behind ARTECHOUSE - Sandro & Tati, to learn more about Miami’s most innovative art space.

What was the inspiration behind ARTECHOUSE?

We get inspired by the artists and their work. We realized that there was no place where one can experience and engage with this type of art — so we decided to create one. We are proud to work hand-in-hand with the artists to not only showcase but develop new commissions and produce new groundbreaking work.

What makes ARTECHOUSE Miami different than other art destinations in South Florida?

ARTECHOUSE is about the art of today, it is the first innovative art space dedicated to arts and technology. It is a 21st century art space dedicated to showcasing 21st century art forms, which incorporate a variety of digital tools and processes to discover new forms of creative expression and ways of looking at the world. It is something unprecedented for Miami and South Florida.

How do you select the artists that are featured at ARTECHOUSE Miami?

It is a meticulously curated process. At ARTECHOUSE we showcase the world’s best digital artists, as well as serving as an incubator and launchpad for emerging young talents. For instance our inaugural exhibition in Miami is a world-travelled exhibit created by artists Adrien M. and Claire B. who are forerunners in this medium. They've been working for decades in experimenting and creating digital art work, and their work is rooted in experiences with nature and in the past. This is very important especially when for 95 percent of our visitors this is their first encounter with new media art. We always have to consider that as we plan the programming.

Things to Do in Miami

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