A Tourist Point of View: Things to Do in Miami

Things to do in miami


I am from the small, snow-covered European country of Latvia. As the destination for my 3 week vacation I picked Florida. I knew I wanted to visit the Kennedy Space Center, the city of Miami, and for the rest of my time I had few main spots to hit up along west coast in mind, but no rigid schedule. Once I made it to the city I looked up things to do in Miami. I wanted to discover the city. Here are some of the highlights of my trip.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Do I love every botanical garden? Yes. This one is small, filled with bird songs, and operates on donation upon entrance which is nice. The many trees surrounding it blocks out any view of the city and you are left to escape into a world with bright blue Florida sky and lush greens.

2000 Convention Center Dr.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Joe & The Juice

Taking a stroll through the bright Wynwood neighborhood is better with a glass of grapefruit juice in hand. I stumbled upon this cafe during my visit to see the famous street art. It’s got a hip vibe and comes alive with a great playlist if you choose it as spot for relaxing and going through the endless pictures you likely have of the graffitied walls.

2315 NW 2nd Ave,
Miami, FL 33127

Augustin Gainza Art & Tavern

I could not recommend anything more than Augustin’s place if you like art, wine, espresso and authenticity to the bone. Artist himself, I found him sitting in the corner painting away as his lovely wife prepared a guava mimosa and chatted with visitors about travel and local gems of Little Havana. In the era of souvenirs that only change the name stamped on them depending on the city you go to, buying a great art print or a real piece of the wall is a delight.

1652 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL, 33135

Coral Bagels

This place is a hole in a wall. But a great one! Their food is packed with flavor and the space is equally packed with tons of customers. Mostly regulars you can tell from the energy. Other highlights are the great staff and I particularly enjoyed the lovely old-timey feel about this casual bagel heaven.

2750 SW 26th Ave, Suite B, 
Miami, FL 33133

The Villa Casa Casuarina

As a fashion lover I could not pass the opportunity to visit the extravaganza that is Gianni Versace house in South Beach. The mansion is now converted to a lux hotel, so a restaurant reservation is required. I threw on a nice business casual dress and managed getting in for what was a perfect cocktail.

1116 Ocean Drive, 
Miami Beach, FL 33139

The greatest part of exploring a city on foot is the little gems you find along the way. As much as Miami is the city of vice it also is filled with art in the most surprising areas and friendly people willing to help out a lost tourist even if you do both do not speak the same language.

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photo courtesy @miamibeachgarden

Krista Vasiljeva

Krista Vasiljeva, 30, loves physics, fashion show backstage and waking up with a view over palm trees. Follow for bits of all that: http://instagram.com/krista.vasiljeva

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