Things To Do in Little Haiti

things to do in little haiti

The neighborhood of Little Haiti is a culturally rich area located right in the heart of Miami. It has a bright history that shines through from the people you will meet there, to the many wall paintings. It also sits a little higher above sea level than other Miami area. That combined with it’s high walkability factor has led to major developments in the last few years. After you complete this list of things to do and see, your heart and soul will be full of music, culture, art, and local cuisine.



things to do in little haiti
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The Little Haiti Cultural Complex

is the best place to start exploring. This vibrant institution offers a deep look into the art, culture, and history of the neighborhood and its people. Here you can learn about the Afro-Caribbean influence in Miami and how it has helped shape this community. This one complex houses art galleries, in-residence dance groups, educational activity rooms, a courtyard, and a Caribbean marketplace. The marketplace, also known as “Mache Ayisyen” is open Saturday through Monday 10am-4pm and features a special community gathering every Saturday. As you browse through the market you’ll be able to enjoy local authentic cuisine, arts, crafts, and natural beauty products.

212 NE 59th Terrace
Miami, FL 33137


things to do in little haiti
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Little Haiti Mural Project

Grab your camera or phone for truly photographable moments perfect for framing or posting to your Instagram feed. Little Haiti is home to an expansive mural project called the “Little Haiti Mural Project” which showcases murals painted by local artists across 20 buildings from 54th St. to 62nd street. This project aims to work with local artists and community leaders to beautify the area without altering the spirit of Little Haiti.


things to do in little haiti

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Sweat Records

Sweat Records is Miami’s premiere indie record store. In addition to records they also have a coffee shop featuring Panther Coffee and a venue space all in one location. Here you can browse their new and vintage music offerings including the largest selection of vinyl Miami has to offer. MMM Pro tip: If you have vinyls you aren’t listening to anymore, they will buy them here! While you’re here make sure you check out their “Wall of Idolatry” featuring mural art painted by local artist CP1.

5505 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33137



Chef Creole Seasoned Kitchen

As featured on Anthony Bourdain’s, “No Reservations” the restaurant, Chef Creole is perfectly seasoned to share the best of Creole cuisine with tourists and locals alike. Chef Wilkinson, known as the “Emeril of Haitian Food” is on a mission to break cultural boundaries through his simply delicious and thoughtfully seasoned food. You can enjoy classics such as oxtail, barbeque ribs, and fried chicken but the can’t-miss items here are the seafood dishes made with the chef’s special sauces and spices. The fried fish, conch, and creole shrimp are highly recommended by loyal fans.

200 NW 54th St
Miami, FL 33127


Things to do in little haiti Photo courtesy @churchills_pub

Churchill's Pub

Since 1979 Churchill’s Pub has been a hotspot for indie music, live concerts, and cold drinks. Once thought of as a mostly underground spot, Churchill’s now features events with well known musicians and talent. Their calendar is full with new concerts or events featured every day so no matter when you are visiting, you are sure to catch a show. If you’re feeling peckish, this “Sort of English Pub” also has food options including fish and chips, cuban sandwiches, and a vegan black bean burger. Wash it down with a cold one from their wide selection of beers.

5501 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33137


things to do in little haiti 

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