Things To Do Downtown Miami

things to do downtown miami

Downtowns anywhere are typically the hub for everything business. Well, Miami is no exception, but lets think about this for a second. Is your life all work and no play? Is the cat always around, and the mice frown? Let's be serious here, we need things to do in Miami to break the monotony.You maybe on a business trip and tired of company paid room service. Maybe you're a resident that happens to be downtown doe a dentist appointment, and now u need a drink. We got you.


Things to do downtown miami
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Shoe Gallery

I love this shoe store, its one of my favorites for when I need something nice on my feet, or when I have run my current pair to the ground. They are more streetwear focused than fitness, but they often carry running/training shoes too. I can’t even believe I am sharing this place with you, because now I have to worry about if my size is going to be available. LOL. The staff is super helpful when you need them to be. All the brands are there. They carry accessories, clothing, and shoe cleaning kits too.

244 NE 1st Ave
Miami, FL 33132

Things to do downtown Miami
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Supply & Advise

Supply & Advice is a specialty menswear shop that handpicks items that represent Americana in a very classic, rugged, and timeless way. The store itself reminds you of a military base that ended up being roommates with an ivy league camp. The staff here are nice. The items here are made with quality, and durability, in mind and will last a lifetime. If you are a man, or have to shop for a man soon, pay this place a visit.

223 SE 1st St
Miami, FL 33131


Things to do downtown Miami
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It’s an outdoor plaza of sorts. Full of stores, restaurants, virtual reality booths, kiosk with handmade goods, exotic animal photo booths, etc. It seems very touristy, and it is, but also locals go there. I mean, not all of the locals live downtown, so it’s a great place to go. Bayside is near the American Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat, so it’s a definite go-to for a pre-game. Go to Bubba Gumps Shrimp, or Hooters. Don’t be alarmed though, those are not your only options for eating or drinking at Bayside. You can have a drink over looking the water if you go all the way to the back.

401 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL 33132


Things to do in downtown Miami
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The Corner

Honestly, this place is small, but it makes up for it with outdoor seating. It’s a great place all around. Locals gravitate to this place to hang out, and it get weird to say the least. I love it. I always have a great time. They’ve got a good beer, and craft cocktail menu. The Corner, it get its name because it is literally on the corner, is almost like a spot for the underground who’s who of Miami. They have various events from live music to karaoke, hosted by local celebrities from time to time, so you would want to check out there Instagram page to stay up to date. @thecornermiami

MIAMI, FL 33136

Things to do downtown Miami
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Mama Tried

I used to go to this place when it was Pub One. I was devastated when I found out that it closed. Now sits this retro themed dive bar called Mama Tried. A group of collectives in Miami, came together to create a concept different from most. Their main focus is to have a space where people can come, have a drink, and have some fun. You should totally check them out for Happy Hour. I mean whoever left a Happy Hour unhappy. If they did, maybe their expectations were too high, who knows. It’s not happening here though, so no worries.

207 NE 1st St
Miami, FL  33132

I'm not gonna say that Miami has the best downtown ever. I am from Chicago, O'kay. What I will say though is, Downtown Miami has some #hiddengems that are noteworthy.Check them out, see if you like them. Either way, your gonna have an experience to laugh and talk about when you get back home. Cheers!

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things to do downtown miami
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