The Secret to Meditation in Miami

Miami is a fast paced city full of splendor, cocktail bars, high stakes real estate deals a burgeoning tech scene and a collection of artists and musicians lining the nightlife clubs and the streets of Wynwood. While the glitter and glam of our city may be well positioned to outsiders that may not have jobs to deal with during the day there are times when anyone who both lives and plays in the magic city can feel the tinge of stress creep in to our system. For those moments there exists a community of people who believe that the path to wellness is found in Meditation.

In a small side street in South Beach called Lennox across from Food and Drink landmark Yardbird lays a small space with inspirational phrases lining both the windows exteriors and the calm-inducing interiors of Innergy Meditation. We walk in and find a serene energy with Andrea Lubell, founder of Innergy, reviewing her e-mails while a group of members are found inside the Meditation area undergoing a stress-reducing session.

After spending 30 minutes talking with Andrea a group of young, good looking millennial ladies emerge from the space with full smile and glowing energy. If I hadn't just learned the secret about meditation through talking with Andrea I would wonder what was the magic happening in that private room with unique seating arrangements, pulsating neon blue glow and a vibrating energy that resonated with the instructor's guided session. 

Luckily, we captured the interview session with Andrea Lubell and learned not only the secret to Meditation in Miami but also how she and her husband first learned about Meditation and have begun to build a community of like minded individuals who not only gather in the space but also attend various events throughout the city like the upcoming Sobe Mindful workshop with Scott Rogers on September 15th. So if you want to learn the secrets of how to Meditate in Miami then take a quick listen to our exclusive podcast interview.

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