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The Building Blocks of Miami Tech

Antonio Muneca Betablocks Miami Tech

When it comes to building the tech sphere in community the usual suspects are the Knight Foundation, CIC, Miami Made and The Lab among others. But beneath the UI of our community exists the backend of our UX. There are recent home runs in South Florida like Magic Leap and Park Jockey that have proven success, but there still remains the optimism of Miami's untapped entrepreneurial ideators that haven't been able to develop a product or create traction. One company is doing it's part to share their knowledge and expertise to help those entrepreneurs in the blockchain and crypto space become successful through their Education Workshops, Co-Building and Corporate Training platform - Betablocks.

Leading Betablocks with soul and community is Antonio Muneca, CTO of Betablocks and founder of Wynwood Tech. In our exclusive behind the scenes podcast interview we talked about how Betablocks works, why it is so important to the tech community right now and how entrepreneurs like him are setting up give back programs and intention based infrastructure which lays the groundwork for a better Miami tech community today, tomorrow and in the future.

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