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The growth of tech in Miami, has its pros and cons. Here I’ve rounded up a few websites and apps that lean more on the pro side. Many of them built right in Miami. These are useful whether you’re looking to discover new things to do, or experience, supplement your income or save yourself or your business time. Check them out:


Miami is a top tourist destination which means we have some of the best experiences available. But just because you’re not a tourist doesn't mean you can’t and shouldn't take advantage of all the city has to offer. This website and app is making it easy to take what they call a “daycation”. You can get access to amenities usually only reserved for guests when you use Daycation. Makes a great gift as well!


Looking to make some extra cash, or need affordable advertising space? Try Spacewolff on for size. The website is a marketplace for anyone and everyone. The concept is simple, list a “space”, this could be your condo balcony, a Facebook post, perhaps a T-shirt, and companies will pay you to advertise in your space! 


Miami is known for its party scene. Putting these events together can take a lot of coordination. Finding a DJ, bartender, photographer, valet services it can be overwhelming! Enter Partytap. This app connects people who are planning a party directly to services providers. Scheduling and payments are all organized in the platform. 


Music fan? If you’re using iTunes or Spotify you probably aren't finding many local and unknown talents. If you’re looking to discover and support artists that aren’t mainstream check out this music player. They have playlists from all over the United States that are curated by locals in each city. Real grassroots style.


Of course, the list would not be complete without mentioning the MMMLive App. Helping users discover Miami like a local. Different from many apps today, their goal is to get you off their app and out into the city experiencing it. The app aims to tailor your experience. Curating new experiences for you based on your interests and neighborhoods. From happy hours, to art shows, events, to classes, this app is your go-to when you’re wondering what to do in the city. They have various options for businesses as well if you’re looking to list your event or experience.

It can be hard to remember what the world was like without technology, or what it will bring us tomorrow. New apps and websites launch every minute. This is just a short list of some that hope to add value to your existence, not suck the life out it. That is something that I can appreciate.


Photo courtesy @ Nesa by Makers

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