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Art in Miami

So, I’m out at Churchill’s Pub one day, and most of the chairs were occupied at the bar. Now this was the third place I had been this evening, so the bar is where I needed to be, O’kay. The night was kind of young, but on the brink of getting late, so you know what I told the bartender, make it a double. As I sip, or gulp, my cocktail, I notice this colorful woman sitting next to me searching for something in her bag. I spark conversation. Turns out she is an artist by the name of Chelly P with a voice so soft and soothing, it would put a newborn baby to sleep. She allowed me to interview her on the spot about her art and projects, our conversation went something like this. 

Soe: So, tell me about your art. How and when did u get started?

Chelly: I have been doing art ever since I was a kid. My mother was very supportive and nurturing toward my creative side. I would say that art took a more dominant role in my life around 8th grade, that's when I began building a portfolio in hopes of being accepted to a magnet arts school. I ended up being accepted to Dillard School of the Performing Arts, where I developed my style and skill. Unfortunately, due to a mild turbulent home life, and my mother's failing health, I was forced to give up my scholastic opportunities. However, I have never stopped creating work and fortunately it has led to many new and lucrative projects.

Soe: What medium do you like to use?

Chelly: I love acrylics, sharpie markers and spray paint, as well as multi media. Sometimes I'll include glitter or collage elements. Recently I have been experimenting with incorporating heavy textures and three-dimensional objects into my pieces. 

Art in Miami


Soe: What inspires your art?

Chelly: I draw a lot of inspiration from my dreams, personal experiences, nature, Esoteric symbolism and fantasy landscapes. I put a lot of my personal life in my pieces, however I also have my pop side which is more inspired by cultural trends, fashion, film and urban themes. I often find myself somewhat between the two sides.

Soe: Is there a message that you hope to convey to your audience?

Chelly: My intention is to convey emotions and experiences in an engaging way. I really want people to be immersed in my pieces the way someone might get into a film or piece of music. Ultimately, I strive towards constructiveness. I believe people have more in common than they might realize and that the sense of separation is merely an illusion. We all have something to share.

Soe: Are you currently on exhibit anywhere?

Chelly: Not currently, no. I do have some huge and exciting projects lined up later this month. I will be painting the Good Intentions Kitchen food truck, which I am very excited about. I'm currently in the planning stages for a project at Virginia Key Outdoor Center (VKOC). I do however show my work privately, by appointment at my studio located in Little Haiti.

Soe: Where do u see your art in 5 years?

Chelly: I'd like to see myself on the road, traveling with my art and making music as well. Hopefully collaborating with my favorite artists and musicians.

Art in Miami

Soe: Are there any other art forms that you have experimented with?

Chelly: I've dabbled in film, photography, jewelry making and sculpture. I would like to get into installation art.

Soe: What’s your biggest memory as an artist?

Chelly: The most impactful memory I have as an artist has to do with the final performance of my former band Prostitots. We played a very intimate set and had an amazing audience. At the end of our set a man came to meet us, and he told us that he was in Miami because he had lost his home and family in an earthquake in Haiti, he explained that he had fallen into a deep depression. He had came out to just to have a drink, but ended up watching our set. He told us he hadn't felt joy since the earthquake and that dancing to our songs made him feel happy. He smiled and gave us all hugs and thanked us for making him feel something good. It was the most impactful moment, better than any compliment I have ever received.

Soe: Oh wow, that’s amazing! Music has an energy that is out of this world. What about the band, tell me more about that? Are you still performing in another band project? What’s the genre?

Chelly: I am currently working on a new project with Cesar Yenkenes, who was the former keyboardist of our previous band called Prostitots. Our new project is very different from what we had with Prostitots. There is a lot more of a hip hop and spoken word influence in this new project. We also have a lot more creative freedom, since it's just the two of us and we have always just kind of flowed easily as far creative energy is concerned. We are big fans of Tierra Whack and we were inspired to write an album based off her "one-minute song" concept. We are planning on releasing an EP featuring our own one-minute songs. Currently the project remains unnamed.

Art in Miami

Soe: Now if the people want to see more of your work, where can they go? Social media, website, etc.?

Chelly: I post most of my work on Instagram @ chellypeyrefitte. You can find me on Facebook Chelly Peyrefitte. If they are interested in booking a private viewing of my work at my studio, please contact me at:

Soe: Oh my goodness, Chelly, I think it is amazing that you have focused on your art through adversity, and experimented with different kinds in the process. We must find our voice somehow. I can’t wait for the EP, sounds interesting, let me know, maybe you can have a set at Churchill’s.

Chelly: *Smiles* Thank you.

She had to run, but the conversation was so life-affirming, and her energy was so warm and welcoming. It's really amazing when you can open yourself to meeting people, and being vulnerable for that moment. Even though a person is sharing themselves in that vulnerability, it carries a lot of strength. Make sure to follow her on Instagram, peace.

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Art in Miami

Soe Rei, a Chicago native, has been on the go in Miami for the past 5 years. He can be seen at various events throughout the city that focus on art and culture, documenting them with his smartphone. He is always ready, and enjoys, on the spot interviews to bring awareness to musicians, artist, businesses, etc. that need a good plug. In his spare time, Soe enjoys taking care of his three dogs, red-eared slider turtle, and working in the food and beverage industry. His current projects include starting a Youtube channel, Biscuit Bar TV, where he focuses on D.I.Y projects and treats for dogs, and craft cocktails.

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