Silverspot Cinema Launches in Downtown Miami

The recent opening of the new Silverspot Cinema at downtown Miami’s Met Square gives tourists yet another reason to visit the city of Miami. What sets the 70,000 square-foot, six-floor facility from other luxury cinemas in the city is that this one comes with gourmet American cuisine. And yes, you can choose to munch on the food while you’re inside the cinema itself. The large, well-padded seats are not just built for comfort. Each comes with a table that you can use to eat and drink. You also have the option to finish your meal at the cinema’s Spot Lounge. 


Here are just some of the delicacies you can expect to sample at Silverspot Miami: BLT lobster rolls with fresh tarragon and tuna tartare wontons with miso aioli make up the appetizers. Afterwards, fill up on entrees such as smoked ribs with blue cheese slaw and barbecue sauce, or shrimp pesto orecchiette with arugula, basil pesto, and parmesan. Vegetarian moviegoers will enjoy the tomato soup with basil and burrata as well as the roasted beet salad. Vice president of programming Randi Emerman tells 7 News Miami that Silverspot is already known for its lobster rolls, spinach dip, lettuce wraps, and salmon platter. When it comes to gourmet American fare, this luxury cinema is not kidding around. They even serve movie-themed cocktails like Clock-Work Mango and Trilogy Classic to complete the movie experience.


Silverspot Cinema plans to show both blockbuster and independent films. Apart from that, its programming also includes performances via symphonic orchestras and the Metropolitan Opera. It also plans to host themed festivals aimed at promoting not just film, but also visual art, music, and everything else related to entertainment. That said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this type of venue has found a home in Miami City.


The influential port city of Miami actually has a rich history in the world of film and entertainment in general. This is a big part of why it’s often seen in the same light as cities like New York and Los Angeles in terms of cultural contributions. In fact, Miami City has, in a way, become its own film genre — a specific character that naturally sprang from the city’s Art Deco, Cuban, and lavish party culture roots. The critically acclaimed movie Scarface is perhaps the best example of a film capturing this particular look and feel. Apart from the silver screen, this “genre” also works well in the world of new media. The globally popular Grand Theft Auto series of games has an iconic title called Vice City, a vast and Miami-inspired playground for players to navigate and have adventures in. Foxy Bingo bases most of its casino titles on popular films and TV series, and the Hotline slot game clearly takes inspiration from the iconic Miami Vice TV series. Just like the show, Hotline uses ’80s new wave audio and visuals to emulate the look and feel of the city as popularized by the films. Online, the nostalgic vaporwave elements in memes, music, and web culture in general are doubtless also Miami-inspired.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, the recent opening of Silverspot Cinema adds another item to the list of reasons why Miami is such an influential city in the world of entertainment.

Adrian Molina

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