Sex, Drugs & Meditation

"Meditating by yourself is a standard, meditating with community," said Myk from Modern ŌM. Modern ŌM is a unique club of individuals who gather in different spaces all around the city to practice meditation in group settings. But why group meditation? As Myk states, "the energy of groups in meditation allows the practitioner to fall more quickly and deeper into the meditative state." 

While the local start-up has built a passionate community of over 150 members their vision is to bring meditation to every neighborhood in the country. Following their 7 step methodology, aligning with the chakra colors and principles, Modern ŌM focuses more on the development of community than any intellectual ideology that bypasses the basic tenets of meditation for health and authentic connection.

Myk has organized meditation groups in at least 4 neighborhoods currently including Wynwood, Upper Eastside, Miami Shores, Coconut Grove, South Beach, and North Beach. His biggest achievement seems to be the 3rd Cushion Crawl event which takes Meditation practioners on a 21-day mindfulness journey through locations like the PAMM and Brickell City Centre. It's like the Superbowl of Meditation and for once Miami is going home with the championship ring. Get to know Myk a little more truly, madly, deeply in our exclusive interview on The New Miami podcast available now.