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Run, Rum and Color

The Color Run

RumHaven, an uncomplicated spirit flavored with real coconut water, is thrilled to announce its 2019 partnership with The Color Run, the world’s largest running event series. As a main sponsor of the race’s 2019 “Love Tour,” RumHaven will invite participants over 21 years old to join the brand following the 5k in major cities across the country, which kicked off in Las Vegas on March 2nd. After each race, attendees can explore RumHaven’s own “Runner’s Haven,” a part of the Finish Festival, which will offer a taste of RumHaven and a full brand experience for consumers.  

“We’re thrilled to partner with The Color Run to bring people across the country together and introduce them to RumHaven,” said Britt West, Vice President of Marketing at E&J Gallo, RumHaven’s parent company. “We hope participants enjoy our custom RumHaven color zone during the race, and will come join us post- race at our ‘Runner’s Haven’ to sample fresh tasting RumHaven cocktails and learn more about what makes us unique compared to other coconut flavored rums.”

Rum Haven

At each 2019 The Color Run event, participants will pass through RumHaven’s own ‘color zone’ with full branding and custom color throws,  adding a tropical color twist to their ensembles. Post-race, of-age participants are invited to join RumHaven at the brand’s “Runner’s Haven” to sample fresh tasting RumHaven cocktails, receive fun branded swag items and capture the perfect Instagram snapshot with RumHaven’s life-size coconut cup.

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