Unmasking the Maska Brunch in Midtown

Maska Miami in Midtown Miami

Midtown Miami has a new Indian restaurant called Maska. You may have heard of them if you happened to attend our VIP event in the Design District where you were able to get a special first taste of Michelin Starred Chef Hemant Mathur during our first look of One Bay Residences during our Taste of Design District late last year. While the restaurant has been serving guests dinner since it's opening they have just today launched a brunch where guests were introduced to Maska's representation of what is mostly an authentic Indian style collection of foods alongside a small omelette station.

The standout components of this $55 prix fixe brunch include a bottomless buffet of items including handmade tandoori breads, lamb, meat, snapper and vegetable stations, a threesome of rice assortments, jackfruit mix and a dessert station with various options including barfi and a carrot slaw. The Sunday libations experience included both white and red sangria outshined only by bartender Eileen's hibiscus infused 'Berry and Bubbles' available with either champagne or prosecco

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The ambiance stood out with a mural placed on the large wall opposite the bar featuring what one server told us was the beauty of an affluent indian woman draped in full garb including jeweled earrings attached to a nose ring. Several additional Indian themed art pieces and photographs adorned the venue while a DJ and live tabla player named Raj created a fused acoustic over deep house vibration that danced over the brunch-goers heads and smiles. One additional item to note is that they house a henna painter and offer complimentary designs for all guests.

While Maska is just kicking off their brunch service they were open to learning from their guests how they can deliver a better experience by asking questions and humbly taking answers. We would like to welcome Maska to the community and wish them the best of luck in all their initiatives as they have joined one of the most vibrant communities in Miami - Midtown!

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