Private Dining Rooms : BalleenKitchen Is Back

Private dining rooms in miami


After a decade long wait, BALEENKitchen is back at Sole on the Ocean, A Noble House Resort, to reintroduce itself in the city of Sunny Isles Beach as the globally inspired and locally sourced dining outpost. BALEENKitchen’s “semi-private” dining room in Miami is perfect for those looking to plan a special birthday lunch, anniversary or holiday dinner at the newest restaurant in town! The fresh new eatery features breathtaking ocean views, a tropical twist to Mediterranean cuisine and ultramodern décor.

BALEENKitchen’s incredible catering options include four prix-fixe menus, which range between $30 - $70 PP and offers a selection of three courses for lunch and four courses for dinner. The “semi-private” dining area seats up to 10 people and is conveniently isolated for a complete private dining experience.



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photo courtesy @ Baleenkitchen

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