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Allie X Strikes Again with "Last Christmas"

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Born Alexandra Hughes, ALLIE X emerged on the scene as something of a mystery and ever since has been peeling back the layers, revealing more about herself. The singer/songwriter's first two projects CollXtion I (2015) & CollXtion II were critically lauded, supercharged pop records that explored the world of X--a place that provides a sanctuary for those unresolved fragments of self, those parts of you that still don't feel whole or fulfilled. X is the possibility of anything, an identity you can take on while you find your truth.

As the holidays draw near, she lights up the season with "Last Xmas," her cover of the George Michael classic "Last Christmas." 

"I chose 'Last Xmas' because it is one of the only Christmas songs I like. I love the chord progressions and the fact that the song is about love and not some idealistic Christmas bullshit haha," laughs ALLIE X. "I also will forever love George Michael! I love that he uses subtle homosexual language in the lyric- super ballsy for the time, especially for a Christmas song!

Look for ALLIE X to continue to support her latest critically acclaimed offering, Super Sunset. Shares Uproxx, "Across just eight tracks, Allie X asserted herself in 2018 as one of indie pop's most powerful chameleons." Adds GQ, "...she finally enters the gates of pop heaven. A tightly focused 8-track album, Sunset is one of 2018's strongest bodies of work. 'Not So Bad in LA' is cutting and hilarious. 'Girl of the Year' is joy incarnate, produced to the nines with a vocal performance to match. 'Focus' makes me sob every time I listen to it; lyrically, it's an unparalleled glimpse at how love sucks you in suddenly and all at once. In that way, it's like Super Sunset as a whole: masterful, new, and enrapturing." Her most recent single "Girl Of the Year" was touted by Vanity Fair as " of the best straight-ahead pop singles of the year..."

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