Allie X Releases "Girl of the Year"

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"Girl Of The Year" is a bright-sounding dream pop track, with warm synths and grooves, out now (October 26) from pop siren ALLIE X. The song appears on her upcoming SUPER SUNSET project.

"It gets to the heart of how it feels to be making your way in the entertainment industry," says ALLIE X. "It comes from the point of view of an aspiring artist singing to an executive who will hopefully make her dreams come true."Right from the start, she already understands that even if she makes it, it will only be temporary. There will always be 'someone younger' or 'with longer hair.' The lyrics sit somewhere between a romantic relationship and a professional one. The track has a timeless, nostalgic sound where the vaporwave influences can be most clearly heard as on of all the songs on Super Sunset."

X sings, "I'm nothing to ya. That's what you like. I'm just a battery to keep you energized. If you see me coming, pretend that I'm the only one. I like your lies. If you see me coming, you better show me you're in love. I like your lies."

Arriving on October 29, SUPER SUNSET was tapped by Billboard as one of '40 Most Anticipated Albums' for this fall. It's the follow-up to ALLIE X' 2017 album CollXtion II. "Girl Of The Year" follows other X releases from SUPER SUNSET including "Focus," "Not So Bad In LA," "Science" and "Little Things."

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