Murals Unpainted: An Interview with Rigo Leon

Art in Miami tends to be synonymous with the dichotomy of the Fine Arts versus Street art scene. Between the gallery enthusiasts and street graffiti taggers you occasionally find artists that transcend both scenes by creating fine art compositions on city streets. The greatest enemy to these works? A fresh coat of paint.

That is why when we found out that there was an artist in Miami that has created dozens of murals that were according to him not a one painted over, it was beyond amazing, it was miraculous. His name is Rigoleon and we had the opportunity to interview him during a livestream podcast to discuss Art in Miami. One of the many highlights was the spontaneous call we received during the interview by Ivan Roque as he joined the livestream and was able to add another dimension to the psychology of  the graffiti, mural and street artist in Miami.

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