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MMM's Holiday Gift Guide Pt.2

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It's that time of year again, and with Art Basel over, we can now focus our energies on getting in the holiday spirit. Let's face it, we don't get snow here, and it can be very difficulty getting into the tradition of gift giving. You know, anxiety sets in and you find yourself asking all the typical questions. Do I have enough time to shop? What do I buy, and who do I buy it for? The list goes on and on. Welp, I've got a few answers for you. Let this gift guide, Miami style, get those thinking wheels going. The good thing is, all of these items can be purchased online. *winning*


Let's get a little Eco-friendly here for these guys and gals, myself included.We all know one, and we know they like to move around. That's why the Stojo Collapsible Cups are perfect. Two sizes, leak-proof (when collapsed), an array of colors, and you are doing your part in saving the Earth. I have never known a Coffee fanatic to turn down a reusable cup for their java.

Eco-Friendly Chum

Speaking of Eco-friendly, perhaps your nature-lover doesn't consume coffee. In an effort to save marine life, Florida is banning all plastic straws. That's right, you won't find them anywhere unless someone smuggled them in. *gasp* Don't worry though. Some genius individuals came up with the idea of not only reusable straws, but collapsible too. Check out these straws so that your pal can sip in style.

Co-Worker / Colleague

I've worked at a lot of places in Miami, and there always seems to be that one co-worker who brings their own lunch, faithfully. The good thing is, the smell never permeates the entire room, but I digress. I say the perfect gift is a stainless steel, stackable, 3-tier, insulated lunch box, and it comes with its own carrying case. It's stylish and sleek to say the least.

The Yogameister

Miami  does not fall short when it comes to health and wellness in the yoga department. Our dear friends might be to consumed with deep breathing and meditation to remember to replace their yoga mats. Let's help them out. Visit Sugar Mat for some inspiration. You can find yoga mats just about anywhere these days. Sugar Mat has some pretty  whimsical and classic designs.

Gym Buff

They are at the gym, more than at home. That's OK. Fitness is vital. Now what happens, though, is without the proper gym accessories we get some pretty rough hands. LOL, I said we like I'm in the gym everyday, but it has happened. Check out these exercise gloves from the best-sellers list at Amazon. Your handshakes will thank you for it!

Party Animal

Let's cut to the chase, here. Let's try and decrease drunk driving, accidents cause by drunkenness, and DUIs in 2019. Portable Breathalyzers. They don't cost a whole lot, easy to use, can put it right on the dashboard or cup holder. It's also good, if you have to be somewhere and you aren't sure if you still smell like yesterday's Old-fashioned. We can do the City of Miami a good service with this one.

The Bartender

We have got to give it up for those guys and gals. It gets hard behind a bar, dealing with tons of different sober and drunk personalities. Get your favorite bartender a speed opener, that way they can hurry up and move away from the obnoxious patrons, and get to you quicker.

Miami Newbie

This next gift could honestly be for just about anyone. Now, I think when I first moved here to South Beach, I was never home. Newbies are out exploring their new city. That got me to thinking the perfect gift would be a portable cell phone charger. Mophie has a gift list that suits just about any budget, and is one of that brands that works directly with Apple, and Android phones to ensure it never stops working.

In this day and age, everyone loves Amazon. It is convenient, especially with Amazon Prime. If you can find any of these locally, please, by all means support our neighborhoods this holiday season. A lot of novelty stores carry some of these items, as well,you might find inspiration at a farmers markets. Seasons Greetings, and always, hope to see you out and about, this is Soe, checking out!


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