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MMM Guide to Hidden Speakeasies in Miami

Speakeasy Bars in Miami

When it comes to finding that hidden gem in Miami you either need to be 'the know' or know somebody that knows something about it as Trick Daddy said. Mixology culture is rampantly becoming more mainstream with your favorite bars carrying some semblance of a cocktail menu but the allure of finding a mysterious location with no sign that explodes with life and a unique drink experiences inside is hard to come by if you don't know where to look. Luckily you found MMM, you're local guide to the new new as it happens. Find below the MMM list of some of our fave speakeasy bars in Miami hidden from plain view.


Foxhole in Miami Beach

There's no sign to find this speakeasy, but there is neon sign on the inside to reward you if you do. Drive down to Miami Beach and slowly stroll through hidden alleys until you find one with a hanging red light and a non-chalant entry way which may be either completely lined up with people trying to get in or have a small queue of some of the finest locals the city has to offer. Once inside the artistry is reminscent of the 90s with a full square bar downstairs that will let you get a drink no matter what side of the venue you are at. Need an aerial view of life? Consider going upstairs where you can see the scene from above with curated designed vip booths surrounded by guns, ammo and artillery. 

1218 14th Court
Miami Beach, FL 33139
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Coyo Taco in Wynwood

Behind the famous tacos and burritos that you can find in the front is what seems to be an employees only door nestled between the bathroom doors. Cut through that door and walk in the hallway where you'll most likely find a bouncer. Don't say a word, just confidently give them a head nod and some hand dap to give the locals Ive been here before vibe. Once inside you'll see a full bar to the right opposed by the DJ booth on the left hand side. The center is for only one thing. Dancing. The deep ambiance of the lighting matches the music which varies depending on the night you go from reggae to deep house. 

2300 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127
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Boombox in Midtown Miami

Nestled in where the famous Bardot used to operate from Ben Potts and his team have re-inspired the venue with boombox culture from the 70s and 80s. You'll find their signature collection of cocktails that his crew is known for in an environment one part Disco, one part old school hip hop all parts Miami. Take a crack at your pool skills on the entry to the left of post up on the corner of the bar to see a bartender pop a flare or two while you sip on your delight ever so slowly. While the top local DJs are a mainstay in this space, they are adding more live local bands that are sure turn up your night with some acoustic vibes reminiscent of the old MTV days with a Miami twist.

3456 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33127
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