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Miami According to Michael Zavala

Michael Zavala from Zavala Concepts

When it comes to staying ahead of Miami's top trends you need to be more than a data geek citing places people say are popping. You need to be the scene. No one knows this better than Miami's own Michael Zavala. Part time TV star, full time interior designer he is taking your TV set by storm as a lead character on the new VH1 show Cartel Crew. The premise of the show is simple. What happens when you take the children and subsequent generations of latin drug kingpins and put them together. In Michael's own word, 'Drama' and a 'Shit show.' But with all of the arguments and heightened emotions he still has time to keep it cool, calm and collected to tell us about some of his favorite places around Miami, if you have 60 seconds watch the embedded video on this article. If you're pressed for time, here's the list.

Favorite Cocktail Bar in Miami: Sugar in Brickell

Favorite Restaurant in Miami: Swan in Design District

Favorite Neighborhood: Design District

Favorite Locals Hidden Gem: Back of CoyoTaco 

Things to Do in Miami

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