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Food Trucks in Miami: The Revolution Begins

 food truck guys

We are the Food Truck Guys (FTG) – a couple of guys that just love food! For us, the food truck culture here in Miami is as colorful as the nightlife and as authentic and flavorful as it gets. But, the real story comes from the talented people who make the food and run the trucks. The food truck culture is more than just the food, its’s the people behind the growing industry throughout the U.S.

 food truck guys
Photo courtesy @foodtruckguys

Let’s rewind to 2009 when the food truck scene was first introduced in Miami. The concept of having a variety of creative cuisines, from gourmet food to healthy options, at affordable prices was enough to forever change the game. The food truck culture in Miami is a very tight-knit community providing a genuine nomadic experience to its customer; an experience a stationary restaurant cannot deliver.


Photo courtesy @foodtruckguys


Each food truck concept stands out both because of the food and the history of its inception. You will never forget the first time you visit a food truck. Each food truck owner creates a unique experience for the foodie. The people behind each food truck do not shy away from the challenge of creating food not commonly available in restaurants, but rather embrace it. Putting in late nights prepping and crunching numbers just to better serve new and returning customers. They are personally invested in creating that unique customer experience. The next time you go to a food truck ask, “What’s your story?” We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Photo courtesy @foodtruckguys


The Food Truck Guys are building a platform where these stories will live. We will be highlighting food trucks throughout the South Florida area with plans to expand nationwide. How? By starting a movement. This movement will bring the food trucks out of the shadows by having weekly Instagram takeovers where we showcase menus, locations and of course, the food!

food truck guys
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Meet Adolfo, Bruno and Olis, three local friends exploring a whole new food truck experience. We love to eat and meet new people, so for us, it was a no brainer! We will be your one-stop shop for everything food truck related. Bringing you the amazing stories and notifications of upcoming events such as food truck meets. We have exciting things planned for 2019 such as a mobile application to revolutionize the way food trucks operate and the first ever food truck crawl. If you want to be part of the action, visit our website and Instagram for more information about where we will be next! We are the food truck guys. Welcome to the movement.

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food truck guys
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