J. Howard Takes Over Las Rosas

Music in Miami

Miami based artist collective, the BLCK family reveals J. Howard as the featured artist for their October installment of BLCK freedom sessions. Taking place on October 16th, 2018 at Las Rosas, the session will be followed by the sounds of our #BLCKcousins the Love Below crew.

J. Howard is a drummer, vocalist and king of the feel good. Born in Ohio, but calling Miami home for over a decade, he has immersed himself as an integral part of the live music in Miami scene in the city. Pay attention while he finesses vocal runs like your aunty, while playing the drums and wooing your girl all at the same time. He’s fabricated a sound both full of nostalgia and high on the future.

Music in Miami

BLCK Freedom Sessions is an exploration of how artists use sound to get free. With a focus on showcasing original music in intimate formats, the audiences can engage in direct dialogue with the artists themselves.

Motivated by the desire to connect communities in an environment built to encourage collaboration, foster creativity and manifest love, The BLCK family executes dozens of mobile performances art shows a year, centered around culinary, visual, performing and social arts.

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Music in Miami

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