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When it comes to doing things in Miami there may be something brand new worth trying out. Electric Surfing. That's right now there's a brand new toy on the market made by Radinn that allows you to rev through the bay of Miami at close to 40mph. Trust me when I went out on it at simply 20 mph I felt like Paul Walker in Fast and the Furious. Check the clips in the article. Overall the learning curve took me about 10 minutes and 2 rides to go from 'never surfed' to 'standing on 2 legs surfing.' The balancing act is the most important factor as you need to make sure you keep the speed of the board going and consistent to prevent the jerking motion that will knock you off! Overall my personal experience of the board is a 9/10 only because I needed more time to dominate it and become the Cuban Filipe Toledo. 

Here's some more information about the board that may be useful when deciding if you want to surf in Miami. Radinn has reinvented their own innovation by launching the future of extreme sports: G2X Electric Jetboard, the most powerful and fun ride in the market. Radinn’s G2X has 12 kW jet-propulsion that is capable of lunging the Radinn-board into 60 KPH, making it one of the best in class for water sports for up to 45 minutes at a time without the need of wind, waves or boat.

Radinn offers the safest and most powerful battery pack on the market for the G2X with a military grade impact resistant polymer body, stepless and wireless throttle and a leash with magnetic kill switch. Together with the patented battery technique, the G2X’s electric drivetrain allows for optimal performance that is precise, cost efficient and virtually silent.

The G2X is fully controllable through bluetooth on the Radinn app. Riders can check battery levels, run diagnostics, read the manual and power their board on or off with just a few clicks. As an added safety feature, the Radinn app also lets riders set limits or even eliminate them based on who is riding, how you are riding and even where you are riding.

The Radinn G2X is available to purchase at starting at €9,900.00. Upgrades for the G2X include ultra-fast chargers, power packs and the Radical Upgrade, which maximizes your board from 50 KPH to 58 KPH.

Things to Do in Miami

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