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Events in Coral GablesYou may have heard about a new area in Coral Gables covered with multi-colored umbrellas, cobblestone and amazing dining experiences. While the last few months have been a whirlwind of events, social media pictures, and influencers making their best pose below the rainbow of shade above. But how did these umbrellas get there? How was Coral Gables refreshed in the local mindset and how was magic created on Giralda under the stars.?

(courtesy of Prism Creative)

Over the past few years Coral Gables has experienced a massive development of the streetscapes comparable to the Champs Elysees of Paris. Supplemented with pop-up events curated by Prism Creative with live music and their signature support local energy, Craig DeWald and the Coral Gables Business Improvement District has orchestrated a symphony of experiences that has the entire city buzzing once again about the city founded in 1925 by George Merrick.

Coral Gables History

While the excitement of the umbrellas sky project and live music is audible, the history of Coral Gables remains an important factor to the conversation. While the pools at Venetian and the architecture of the Biltmore stand in stark contrast to some of the buildings developed in the area in the 1980s there is a return to the roots of Coral Gables culture echoing in the city streetscapes rejuvenation. From vision to reality there is a bridge of effort, consensus and time that the BID has been pushing forward for years. Get an insiders perspective by listening to our exclusive interview with Craig DeWald the Treasurer of the Coral Gables on The New Miami podcast.

MMM Miami

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