How One Woman is Bringing Wellness to Little Haiti

Wellness in Miami

Among the various neighborhoods that Miamians talk about, one is starting to become more and more part of mainstream conversation. Little Haiti. While the neighborhood has a deep rooted history in carribean culture and the community that has formed it, there is a new Little Haiti developing. One where the Magic City innovation District is spearheading through technology and where one woman named Rikki Kaminsky has created a place to nurture the very real human need for connection and wellness.

Community in Miami

At the root of Rikki Kaminsky's Inhale Miami is the relentless passion towards community and reinvention. All activities, pivots and classes have blossomed from her desire to gather individuals and allow a space for them to build collaboratively ("co") in a commune space ("commune") towards a unified interest ("unity"). The value of community being that of perpetual connectivity and productivity for all members in the process.

How to Inhale Miami

Inhale Miami offers a range of community oriented wellness events such as mandala bead making classes, the Little River Night Market, Family Yoga Sessions on Sundays to curated health and wellness events for every kind and curious experience and event seeker in Miami. You can see all of their events, workshops and classes in the MMM LIVE app now!

Event Spaces in Miami

A Space for Wellness

While most wellness entrepreneurs in Miami focus on simple models of business like Yoga Studios, Rikki Kaminsky has created a multi-functional partnership model that allows others looking to gather their communities (whether corporate, neighborhood or family) in their space through private rentals. When discussing the internal air conditioned space she points out that many of the wellness events have chosen to activate the outdoor terrace and "curate the vibe" through the use of the sound and lighting system found throughout the space.

Events in Miami

MMM Miami

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