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When it comes to entrepreneurship in Miami there are 3 'steak'-holders who are betting that you will love their new farm to table concept. Luis, Gabriel and German love to cook in between breaks from their day job. They loved eating high quality steaks in restaurants in Miami but didn't have access to them because purveyors only sell them in bulk and to restaurant. One day this all changed when they took a trip to the Midwest and found their future in Michigan.

Meat n Bone Boys

Timing is Everything

They learned that good meat must come from high quality farms where animals are well treated and fed properly and that good beef requires proper steak selection and aging. Turns out, aging, is the biggest difference between what you have at a high end steakhouse vs what you find at the restaurant. The boys from Meat N' Bone work with farms out of Michigan. Sourcing good meat takes time, but the one thing that won't take so long they say is the delivery process. You simply order online and get it delivered at your covenience. So whether you're interested in Chicken, Pork, Beef or even Turkey for Thanksgiving the boys have sourced all of their product from the same place where your favorite high end restaurants in Miami get their own product.

With over 19 different types of rib eyes and even a gorgeous looking tomahawk steak you'll be able to have that $400 dollar Prime 112 Steakhouse Dinner at home for about $40-$50 dollars. Now that's an amazing deal. They pride themselves on brining premium wuality meats, at supermarket prices. But we asked Luis if this is something we can buy at Publix. His straight up answer was a no-nonsense response. 

"You may find a similar steak at the same price (sometimes more expensive) but it won't be aged 25-30 days, you won't know the source of the beef, and it won't be vacuum sealed. This is the kind of meat that you buy to treat yourself."

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Meat Goes Tech

The way they took it to the next level made every tech entrepreneur turn his head. They created a subscription box service, starting at only $45, that allows you to experiment with different flavors, products and options to explore week after week. Luis made sure to interject and say that their obsession with customer service has led them to offer personalization in their subscription boxes. So if you don't like chicken, they'll send you your box with only meat and pork.

Sustainability & Service

Family owned operations where the focus for the boys when they were looking to source their chicken, Wagyu and Wagyu cross amongst all of their bountiful options. They ended up choosing Bell & Evans a Peta certified raiser of free roaming chickens that are treated humanely. So whether you like chicken, beef or pork all of the options are masterfully selected and ready for your upcoming BBQ. They have thought through customer service so deeply they have even created a Grill Master service where you can have a professional Grill Master at your event for just a pinch over $100 for up to 4 hours. But these boys aren't just peddling meat, they are passionate about education. So if you're looking to learn all about Grass Fed Vs. Grain Fed check out their humorously titled blog The Clever Cleaver.

So whether you have an upcoming birthday, mother's day, family gathering or football game they encourage you to give them a call directly and they'll make it right. Personally, courtesy of Luis, Gabriel and German from Meat N' Bone.anchor


Food in Miami