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FENDI Launches New Short Video

Launch of Fendi, Selleria Roma Amor

For the launch of the new Selleria Roma Amor drop, 3rd Capsule Collection of the FF SERIES, FENDI presents #FendiRomAmor a new short movie celebrating FENDI’s love for the city of Rome.


A mystic atmosphere, floating between dream and reality, shows a group of young friends from around the world gathering to share a new experience in town. Pulsed by the power of PREF’s Fendi-Roma-Amor graffiti-wave sprayed on a truck, the crew run into Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana. Dancing under its iconic arches, lit-up by a kaleidoscopic rainbow of colors, they express their true love for the Eternal City, giving a new unexpected vibe to the FENDI headquarters.


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With the soundtrack signed by Sleepless Nights by the FM Attack, the electro-pop music project, the video shapes a dreamlike beat that perfectly matches with the new Selleria Roma Amor drop.

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