The Coronation

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On November 17th, experiential artists Elisa Sain and Cris Cordero, known as TAKEOUT, will deliver an interactive art show titled “The Coronation" at the Balagan Art Space in Wynwood (1657 N Miami Ave), Miami. Addressing the tendency towards self-doubt among creatives, the duo is holding a modern-day coronation to create self-confidence among fellow artists. Inspired by the popular terms “King of Pop” and “Queen B”, Sain and Cordero use royalty as an expression of excellence and invite guests to crown themselves the kings and queens of how far they have come in their careers.

Prior to the event, guests will receive a box with the elements to create their own crown, which will serve as their ticket to the event. The Coronation itself will begin with a reception for the newly crowned guests and lead into an evening long showcase by five local artists: Among the performing artists are:

  • DJ duo Paperwater
  • Morgan Bryson
  • Parsa Afsharjavan
  • Niki Thais 

Each artist will discuss the idea of pop royalty, validation, and the fear of never being enough in their respective fields. By showing common conflicts and insecurities across different art forms, TAKEOUT hopes to evoke confidence among creatives to battle their ever present risks of self-doubt.

“The Coronation” will be held on November 17th, 2018 at the Balagan Art Space, 1657 N Miami Ave, unit 503. Tickets are available here.

Events in Miami

Photo Courtesy of Gerardo Briceno