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'R U MMM' Wins 1st Spirit of Miami

Events in Miami: Spirit of Miami at Boombox in Midtown Miami

On February 2nd, 2019 MMM hosted their first ever Spirit of Miami event at Boombox in Midtown Miami. The multi-bar event series' goal is to let the people vote on their favorite cocktail, favorite bartender and favorite bar in Miami. Guests were greeted by MMM Founder Dimarco Barea and checked in through the MMM LIVE app to join the MMM Community: a community of Experience and Event Seekers.

All MMM Members were welcomed to a complimentary cocktail of their choice courtesy of Ron Barcelo USA and the 4 mixologists on site: Rani, Coy, Justin and Edwin. While some guests mingled with the mixologists, others took pictures with the MMM Rocketman in the Community Photo Booth while others danced to the funky sounds of DJ Tillery James.

At the stroke of 8:30 Dimarco grabbed the mic and picked 8 volunteers to be the 'Magnificent 8' that were to taste all 4 mixologists cocktails and vote for their favorite cocktail of the night! The 'Magnificent 8' (composed of 7 lovely ladies and 1 gentleman) were able to taste all 4 cocktails including Rani's "R U MMM?" and Justin's "From Bar to Cielo". All cocktails were made with Ron Barcelo rum, yet each cocktail had a unique taste, aesthetic, texture and storyline.

When all was said and done "The Magnificent 8" voted unanimously that Rani and his "R U MMM?" cocktail was the winner of this first round of the Spirit of Miami. Rani and the Magnificent 8 all won tickets to Fuego Festival coming up on February 23rd and 24th in Wynwood co-produced by Swarm Inc.

The next Spirit of Miami will be announced shortly. We welcome all of Miami's Experience Seekers to join us then and become part of the Community of MMM by downloading our FREE app, MMM LIVE!

Events in Miami: Spirit of Miami at Boombox in Midtown Miami

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