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 Who am I?

Hello there! My name’s Veronica McRipley, but most of you know me by Veronica Wildchild, a fun-loving and carefree fixture in the lesbian community for the last ten years. I’ve produced many events, hosted even more, and have attended LGBT parties, festivals, seminars, and pop-ups all over the world, including events in Miami.

While I’ve definitely enjoyed myself at various functions and events throughout my time on the scene, I’ve sometimes been left feeling disappointed and a little saddened by the apparent one-dimensionality of offerings that the community considers to be entertainment. If there weren’t gogo dancers or alcoholic sponsors for the party, it seemed like the community wasn’t interested. Every passing year, the same kind of events focused less on enhancing and developing our society and more on throwing a gigantic party. The parties, while great, are definitely a fun way to bring people together and find ways to network, but they lack an actual incentive for women who may be looking for something more. I knew from talking to my peers in the LGBTQ community that there was a desire to elevate.  We began to crave an all-encompassing, social experience- something dynamic, something impactful, something FRESH.

It’s out of this thought process and personal experiences that Spectrum Wellness 360 began to take form. I began to think of ways to cultivate conscious entertainment and personal and professional betterment in a relatable way for the queer female community. As I conducted my market research, I had the opportunity to hear a lot of our community’s pain points, and realized most of them are directly or indirectly related to health and wellness, whether it’s mental, emotional, physical, financial, or even spiritual. It was at this moment that I felt an obligation to take action and provide support.

Here are some of the startling facts that made me push to begin Spectrum Wellness 360. Women that identify in the LGBTQ community are less likely to schedule routine doctors visits and mental health checks ( There aren’t many outlets for women’s health let alone female-identifying women (LGBT including trans females) in the community, and don’t even get us started on healthcare accessibility. While going to the doctor when you’re getting the flu is helpful, the rest of the year, most of us dread going to those check ups because they can put us into uncomfortable positions: answering questions about sexual orientation, feeling uncomfortable about having men do our physical exams, being honest about mental health issues and so on. All of these issues only lead to the detriment of our health as women and it’s rarely acknowledged, let alone talked about. Queer women also face a higher rate of depression over cis-hetero women due to factors such as social stigma, abuse and violence, rejection- and again this all circles back to lack of health care and access to doctors and therapists( These facts should be shocking but we should also be talking about them, trying to fix them and help our fellow woman feel understood, appreciated and most importantly, cherished.

Over the summer I founded Spectrum Wellness 360 as a health & wellness platform specializing in the emotional and mental care of cis- and trans- women in the LGBT community. We, as a company, aspire to positively influence and empower women through thought-provoking panel discussions, interactive workshops, individual and group coaching, and exhilarating yet educational entertainment. We aim to connect the community with successful entrepreneurs, fitness experts, global travelers, uplifting authors, and wellness leaders who can help to unlock one’s full potential and ability to live life with happiness, purpose, and intent. We could just offer mental and physical help, but we would be no different than a gym or a therapist. At Spectrum Wellness 360, we want to help heal women from the inside out and at the same time offer ways for women to network, learn and grow while having fun and most importantly having safe a place to feel heard with attention and care.

Spectrum is an acronym and it represents all the little aspects of who I am and why I so desperately wanted to get this company started.

S- Sexuality P- Pride E- Education C- Community T- Truth R- Respect U- Unity M- Motivation

The 360 represents the concept of health and wellness as evolving and recurrent. Furthermore, the 360 symbolizes the physical and mental wholeness that can be achieved through our comprehensive services and offerings. 

Events in miami
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Retreat Yourself Weekend Event

There is a large-scale retreat happening in November 2018, where attendees will be pampered with a transformational weekend of self-improvement, adventure, entertainment, and deep personal connection. This retreat is in Miami Beach from November 16th through the 18th , where we will be hosting a plethora of different workshops, classes, panels and events ranging from spiritual healing to wine pairing. Professional classes including movement therapy such as yoga, mindful meditation, lunch panels, discussions on various topics and issues that promote breakthroughs, and opportunities for personal coaching that can invoke real change in your life. Like our name suggests, Spectrum Wellness 360 will be offering an outlet  that encompasses not only a social gathering for like-minded women, but also a place to let go. I don’t know anyone personally who feels like they have their whole life together and this weekend event is a way to reset and reboot from the normal monotonous habits we tend to find ourselves repeating. Eventually, we will be hosting a few one-day intensives across the US but our event in November, which you can check out at, or,  will be the first of many gatherings for the underrepresented queer females of our whole country. 

During our retreat, we will be offering personal coaching in groups and one-on-one. In addition to our retreats and intensives, we present a High-Quality monthly program offering personalized maintenance.  For those wanting a more long-term customized mentoring package, this subscription based "container of support" is the perfect way to stay on track. This VIP program includes complimentary enrollment in our weekend retreat, 12 one-on-one coaching calls, 12 group mastermind calls, a private member's only social forum, and 1 full-day intensive pass. The personal coaching that we offer month to month is perfect for those of us going through an emotional rough patch, physical hardship or any other kind of trouble, including financial. Sometimes, we all need a little bit of help and motivation, and our team of professionals is ready to hear you personally and invest time into making you a better you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Another thing I have to spend money on. Trust me, I’ve been on both sides of coin. Money runs us, dictates what we do, how we look, and much more in a consumer-run society. I understand that spending a chunk of change isn’t easy for all of us. But look at it this way: How much money are you willing to invest in yourself? A few dollars a week? Most people spend more money on cigarettes and fast food than they do investing in themselves to have a happier, more fulfilling life. Simply registering for the weekend is $99 down. That’s as much money as seeing a concert from the nosebleeds, less than a vente coffee a day for a month from Starbucks and certainly less than a pack of cigarettes a day. Sure, money is tight for all of us, but we at Spectrum Wellness 360, more than anything, want to be accessible for everyone. Many of us women have gone to the different festivals around the world for queer women and spent more money for a few fun nights but for nothing truly substantial. We are striving to fix that and make our Women’s Retreat a staple in the queer community for all of us.

If you’re looking for more from the LGBT community, and from yourself, my company Spectrum Wellness 360 is for you. Our services and programs are specifically made for you in mind.

The mission of Spectrum Wellness 360 is to help cis and trans women in the LGBT community to master interpersonal and professional success, to find stability and peace of mind, and to navigate through the unique challenges presented not just by society, but by our own community itself. As founder, I will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our community’s needs professionally, precisely, and completely.


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events in miami
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