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The drop in South Florida's weather this week did nothing to deter its residents from coming to The Venture City Miami’s Launch Party & Startup Expo in Little Havana this past Friday. 

After relocating from their offices on Lincoln Road earlier this year, they spent the past 6 months preparing their (much bigger) office space with sleek interior design and visitor friendly amenities such as multi-purpose co-working space and of course, free Wi-Fi. 

As a startup accelerator for new ventures, they’ve opened up their space to the public little by little by hosting various workshops each month on topics like ‘How to Raise Capital’ and ‘Creative Coding’ (whatever that means). These sessions are open to anyone in the local community looking to grow and learn, and munch on a couple bites. 

Its no wonder then that last week’s event was the place to be with almost 100 guests in attendance, and still remains the talk of the town a few days later. 
As an attendee there myself, the great turnout could be attributed to a number of reasons. First, there’s the fact that event was indeed a party. 

There was food: vegetarian paella courtesy of Iberico Club, vegan arepas thanks to Reina Vegana, drinks and cocktails courtesy of Mac’s Pubs, and chocolate treats to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth by Exquisito Chocolatiers. There was music, played at a volume that didn’t burst your eardrums, but made it easy to nod your head to, provided by The New tropic’s Creative Studio division.

There was entertainment: a long table in the entrance room topped with a chess board and other cool board games, there was a portable photo booth with props and a cool backdrop, and there was even a ping pong table! 

And drumroll please…. there were raffles with prizes and free t-shirts! Can this event get any cooler?

On top of the fun and games, there was also a lot of networking and mingling going on. Attendees ranged from notable business professionals (like Ramiro Almeida, Founder of Optimus Ride & Jaclyn Baumgarten Boatsetter CEO) and college students all the way to children and toddlers and a few furry friends of the canine variety. The environment proved to be very open, non-pretentious and family friendly. 

Now let’s get down to business. 

A key highlight of the evening was the startup expo (happening simultaneously) which allowed attendees to engage with the services each featured startup offers in designated areas throughout the space. 

Woom Fertility 

(an app that helps women increase chances of pregnancy by tracking fertility calendar), there was a wall of flippable celebrity baby photos and it was the viewers’ job to guess which celebrity it was.

Glamping Hub 

(an Airbnb for camping) there was a real teepee set up decked with pillows and tea lights inside to create ambience.


(automatic high-quality filmmaker) there was a projector displaying video loops of previous project demos.


(a day-long hotel amenity rental service) there was a masseuse giving massages! 

The party & expo was slated to begin promptly at 5 pm and end around 9pm and despite being in a town known guests arriving on “Miami Time” people actually showed up early, stayed for the whole event and also left late. I’d say this event was a success wouldn't you?

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events in miami
Header photo courtesy @theventurecity

Loni Elizabeth is a creative marketing specialist & social butterfly from Miami,FL. She enjoys reading, writing, and arithmetic. (Ok, maybe not that last one.)

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