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ICYMI: House of Creatives Music Festival

Music in miami 

House of Creatives Festival was this weekend and it did not disappoint. Music, experiences, performances, and craft creatives all came together to show exactly what Miami means when it says it’s “artsy”. Music in Miami is lit.

The musical line-up included: international sensation, Chromeo; Miami’s own, Jaialai; indie pop’s Foster the People; rising rap-duo, B.A.G.; and concluded with the British bombshell, M.I.A.

Around the park were food trucks, featured cocktails: mango Don Julio, and Smirnoff lemonade, plenty of shopping tents, beach hangs, the event was held at the Historic Virginia Key Beach, pirate-inspired lounging, siesta hammocks, and light and dance interactive productions.

Toward the end of night one, Mother Nature even decided to show her unique creative skills by starting a downpour around 1 a.m. This only fueled the crowds and increased the amazingness of the performers. Foster the People kept their crowd in the middle of wide open spaces and rocked out. Meanwhile, Chromeo’s DJ set was kept dry through the collective efforts of their fans to hold up tarps, keeping the jockey table out of the rain.

Sunday started hot and slow, but crowds gathered for the different performers and had the kind of energy you would both want and expect at a beach fest. Miami’s Jaialai rocked their pieces. B.A.G. came out and amazed the crowds right from the get-go, captivating them with their energy and amazing rhymes. The girls even got off the stage and had the crowd circle round them as they performed to some sick beats.

The night ended, with the glorious M.I.A. destroying the festival with heavy bass drops, amazing lighting, and a set to die for. On top of that, her outfit, flowy pants, and flowy crop-top, and her blond lob hairstyle were an amazing contrast to the sounds she put out and the look of her dancers and DJ in sweatshirts and spandex. It was posh meets streets, it absolutely worked and was the perfect way to end the night and close out the festival!

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music in miami
Header photo courtesy @hocfest

Sarah Roldan is a Miami transplant who thrives on ocean breezes, sunny skies, well-crafted drinks, and all things Latin.

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