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 Last Wednesday I had the pleasure to cover an amazing event called #blackmenwrite during Miami International book fair week. It was put together by Bme and AT&T at “Space called Tribe”, an innovative co-working space that brings together entrepreneurs, creatives, and social influencers, by providing labs, offices, shared desk space, conference rooms, events, and workshops for the community. They are located in the Overtown neighborhood of Miami.  

The event #blackmenwrite featured a group of writers on a panel, of both males and females, discussing their books by providing an outlook and unique perspective on how their projects came to be. It was moderated by the Managing Director of Bme Benjamin Evans.

One of the writers that stood out the most was Corey Banana. The youngest writer there, she came off as mature and sultry. As she answered the questions from the very impressive host, who challenging the authors to look within for answers. “You have to be comfortable with being vulnerable” she stated. Immediately entrancing with her take on life and what her poetry book dares to relate.

Her book Dust on the Record will be published by Bootstrap Publications, a boutique publisher based in Miami. She came for the event all the way from Delaware and was very happy about enjoying the nice weather. She was happy to escape into the Miami “foodie” subculture and looks forward to guiltlessly eating different types of Caribbean/ Spanish cuisine during her visits to the city.

I had a chance to sit down with her, get to know her better, and acquaint myself with Dust on the Record. After she gave a brief explanation of the title and how hard it was to come up with, she explained one day it just clicked. 

Corey Banana is a 21-year-old, soon to be published author who has a long career ahead of her. She described her book as nonfiction because all her poems are inspired by actual events that have taken place in her life. She has the urgency to help people understand that we all should deal with our “inner demons”. That we have the good as much as we have the bad. 

Since BME represents a community of leaders empowering, sharing and creating social impact, I asked her; how would her book accomplish that? Her response:
“I want my poetry to heal and encourage people to find themselves." I found that her book can do just that because of her courageous offering of personal experience. Many of us go through things privately and suffer quietly. 

Another author at the event I must mention is Kay Richardson. Like Corey, she bled her experiences into words to in an effort to shift peoples perspective. Even if it is one reader at the time. 

Corey Banana writes every chance she gets and has been writing since the age of 13. She is just as proud to have illustrated the book cover as well. She said, “women write too, women create too!” It has taken a lot of discipline and determination for Corey Banana to finish and publish her book, so let us welcome her to the Miami International Book Fair week with open arms.

With the preorder of her book, you get, a signed copy, and two free gifts. Corey collaborated with Gold Water Alchemy to create a custom tincture inspired by her love for the natural homeopathy. It will be included with all preorders. It is a supreme herbal tonic for the entire family, providing anyone who uses it with a rise of energy and sustains their function throughout the day. The other gift is a bookmark she designed herself. 

Please visit her website!


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events in miami
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