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Clubs in Miami You Should Know About

 clubs in miami

Everyone loves to come to Miami. Maybe it’s because of the weather, then again maybe it’s the beaches. I mean, but is that the only reason. I doubt it. People come to Miami to turn up, and Miami is full of entertainment on every level. Anything from restaurants, museums, sports facilities, the cruises. We have options. What about the clubs in Miami though? They are here, there, and everywhere! You are bound to get lost, see a club, get a drink, maybe dance and then call an Uber because you forgot where you were going in the first place. Or is that just me? Well, lets get into it.

Now we have some pretty large and in charge mega clubs here like E11even, Space, and Heart. Those clubs are all on the same block, and those aren’t the ones that I am going to mention. I want to suggest some of the smaller go-tos of the city. 

Clubs in miami

Photo courtesy @picklemiami

Electric Pickle

First Up, Electric Pickle. This club is a music lovers dream, because that’s what its all about. Some of the greats have performed at this iconic club and went on to headline III Points, and Ultra. They’ve got a disco ball and a relatively small dance floor that makes your shimmy shimmy rah rah a lil more intimate. Hurry up and get there, because after ten years of operations, this music and dance haven will be closing its doors June of 2019. You will have an epic night, I assure you.

2826 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33127
Clubs in miamiPhoto courtesy @tideup305

Blackbird Ordinary

Man, oh man. I first walked into this place it was small, I saw a bartender I use to work with, so you know what that means, a free drink!!! I’m all in. Then I look around, my goodness. They have a back room that’s like a large warehouse. I swear I feel like it was 500 people back there. The music was pumping, at least I knew the songs, O’kay, and they were songs you wanted to dance to. It was ladies night so the drinks were pouring, the girls were all over the place, and the energy was high. I can’t wait until I get back.

729 SW 1st Ave
Miami, FL 33130
clubs in miami

Photo courtesy @elpatiowynwood

El Patio

I mean with a name like El Patio, I don’t have to mention the Latin influence of this place, do I? Now, you don’t have to be Latin to go there, at all. The day I went they had a program where you give them 40 bucks, and then they give you 40 bucks in El Patio money. Think like Monopoly money but its El Patio money on stiffer paper. So then, you exchange the El Patio money for whatever you want at the bar. Honestly, it may sound more complicated than it is, because it was really fun. The music. The music was on point, they had a mix of Latin Pop, and American pop, hip-hop. It was all across the board. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. I would not wear my good-good shoes to this place, they might get stepped on, or wet. Other than that. This place is a go-to for sure.

167 NW 23rd St
Miami, FL 33127
clubs in miami

Photo courtesy @purdylounge

Purdy Lounge

They have this slogan that they use. “Talk Purdy to me” I think its hilarious. It gets its name for the street its on, Purdy Ave. Now the place is rather small, more like medium size with two rooms. 1 bar. The music is right on because its diverse. They play current to not so current, hip hop to pop, and they mix it well. It is always a good time on this dance floor. The staff are nice, its off the beaten path, a true #hiddengem. They do have some velvet, or pleather (no shade) sofas in there for when your feet get tired, or you need a good sit down to make it go down in the DM, real quick, you feel me?

1811 Purdy Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Clubs in miami

Photo courtesy @woodtavern

Wood Tavern

Last, but not least, Wood Tavern. The first time I stepped in this place was shortly after I had moved here. I’m from Chicago, so you would think I had seen it all, nope. It was my first time in a club, with a backyard. Or, at least I think it was my first time in a club with a back yard and bleacher seating. I don’t know, but I was impressed to say the least. The people and music were on point. Once again, I love places that can play music that makes you want to dance, this place is no exception. It’s in Wynwood, so check them out after you’ve spent the day at Wynwood Walls. Don't forget the dance floor is outside, so make your way there.

2531 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33127

I hope you get your liver ready, and you pre-purchase any hangover remedies because if you party like I do, you are going to know someone who needs it, lol. These clubs are where the locals go, and if you are a local and haven't been, I implore to get to one of these places tonight. Dress comfy, and be ready to party. Check out the social media of the respective club before you decide on your final destination, or hell, go to all of them in one night, whatever floats your boat. I personally like to go to more than one place in one night. Gives me a little variety. Variety is the spice of life, Cheers!

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clubs in miami
Header photo courtesy @purdylounge

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