Brunch with the Foodie: Little Mariii

Brunch in Miami

Nobody knows Brunch in Miami like a foodie. So instead of us running around town for a month trying different Brunches we decided to go straight to the source to make sure you find the best place to go with the most decadent and unique food experiences in Miami. Today's episode features Miami food influencer Marylin Orozco aka Little Mariii. Here's where she said to go in her own words.


Phuc Yea in the Upper Eastside

Phuc Yea offers not just amazing Vietnamese Cajun food but an outstanding environment and service with it. The menu is finely curated to ensure you’re feeding with sweet and savory side. It’s always a major plus to see the owners Ani and Chef Cesar walking around and interacting with guests, it’s really a chef’s table kind of experience.

Peacock Garden Bistro in Coconut Grove

Peacock Garden Bistro is a beautiful gem in Coconut Grove! Food and environment is a reminder as to why I love Miami. Greenery all over, twinkling lights and dishes by executive Chef Javier Palacios is everything you can ask for! Get the steak & eggs, they’re an additional $7 but I promise it’s worth the splurge.

Planta in South Beach

Lastly, Planta makes my list because they make vegetarian taste so damn good! Whoever thought that anyone can turn a non-tofu eater into a lover?!


About the Foodie

Born & Raised in Miami, FL, she strives to use her social channels to help tourist and locals alike get to know Miami outside of its tourist traps. She believes that local companies are what brings ANY city its magic, so it is by supporting and promoting mostly local love that she hopes to have everyone and anyone fall in love with this magical city, Miami. 

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Brunch in Miami


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