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Imagine being able to taste the hard work and endurance we put into our lives. The successes and failures, the over worked status you keep in discipline that’ll get you to your goals. No doubt such work accumulates great results, and speaks of the year old experience you had getting there. A story you can put into a cup and say let’s have a drink. While, you’ll find many breweries and bars with craft beer in Miami, you’ll easily see the same outcome and craftsmanship they put into a place like that. Their own story in a cup, which I not only recommend but gladly invite anyone looking for a good time, and a good drink.


I start my night with Bousa, an uncommon name, with a formless pronunciation. A place quaint enough not to ask yourself why. And at the same time asking yourself, where am I? As I walk in I notice the ambiance is simple but open, a great platform filled with hanging succulents and white steel whirling softly with color. It bridges two worlds, one of beer and the other a wistful home you once saw or were a part of. Naturally, my subconscious legs head straight to the bar and I order my first round. I start with the Dunkles Bock, a smoked lager, that’s no mistake or light with taste. A truly noble lager that doesn’t follow the traditional, yet it’s borders are the motive for such a taste beer. Next is their own Belgium style, Tripel. A milky monk like beer with a hint of heavy that no minds. It fools us with flavor and reminds us the trick was in the buzz we got thereafter. Located on the NE side of 4th avenue, in a corner of ware houses, right by little Haiti. The place itself strives with potential and alacrity.

7205 NE 4th Ave
Miami, FL 33138

Box Elder

Not exactly a brewery, but rather a collection of international and local beers we have in the Wynwood area. Box Elder is a unique place that specializes as a market for individual breweries from different parts of the country, including Indiana, California, Maine and even Canada. Arriving here, I meet up with a group of friends and we immediately dive into the menus. From a variety of sours to ciders, IPA’s to Stouts, it’s not only an endless archive of beer but almost certainly a taste of where they come from. Alongside this, the place itself flows like a library, chronologically ordered by the hunger and ride, and looks as though a grand hall welcomes the scholar and their knowledge of beer. At one point, It became apparent that night, after having a small conversation with the owner, that these ideas we strive for, we work hard for. We make sure we act and re-act the conditions of our goal. Until finally, these things become real. The place not only hosts these great beers, but also has a number of different events you should check out o their website, at Located on NW 2nd Ave, in the Wynwood area.

2817 NW 2nd Ave
MIami, FL 33127

Lincoln Brewery

Here we head wayward west, towards Westchester and Bird Road. Rustic in appearance but modern with character and idea, we have Lincoln Brewery, a local spot that brings its own style of beer. A spot that walks among the greats, here in Miami, and has so much more to offer than beer itself. As I enter, I get a hint of the good times without the intimidation that usually expresses itself in most Miami venues. The high ceilings call for good lighting, the smell is warm and clean, and but for the taps there is no shortage of that thing we call craft beer. The day was simple and lucky, as we happen to go in a day that a painter is giving a class for children. And lo and behold, I had my daughter with us that day. I go ahead and meet the staff, and the adumbration of their menus come alive with shade and light. It’s an event that happens every second Sunday of the month, and is curated by Felipe Lagos and his studio called paint vibes. A local painter here in Miami that has been contributing for over a decade now. Not only em I a fan of such places that have such events for the kids, but local spots that also support local artists in the area. Not to mention the fact that the pints are the real catch here. I head to the bar with Felipe, and start off with the Fire the Surrogate (IPA) and he goes with the P. Swayze (American IPA). Our point views clash wonderfully with the body and aroma of beers we have. Talk about the new and changing Miami and the affect it has had on its people. Tour the brewery and enjoy this special moment, all and completely visceral. Check out this and I leave a link to paint vibes,

7360 SW 41st St
Miami, FL 33155

Titanic Brewery

Finally, I end my note on one of the original breweries in Miami, The Titanic. It’s no easy task to run a business and keep the engines running with such tenacity. Titanic is a figure that holds the example, and has become a milestone across south Florida. Located in the outskirts of Coral Gables, right next to the University of Miami, it’s a place that happens to serve food and live music on most nights. Not only this, the pub and its brew have had a fine line of beers that anyone looking for, would most certainly enjoy. The theme of the place is exactly its name, Titanic. An interior style ship, that feels exactly like the rig and coal of something antique. I enter the place, unbiased and lawless to begin my venture. A menu this vast, called for a phlight of beers. Which in this case offered the Triple Screw (pilsner) The White Star Ale (IPA) Captain Smiths Rye (Rye) and so on. It was an exchange well worth its bargain and fight. So there we have 4 locations worth checking out down the road. Places with experience and a cup with its own story for you to taste. Cheers.

5813 Ponce de Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, FL 33146


photo courtesy @jonasjacobsson

Melvin Bravo

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