BetaBlocks Announces Completion of Seed Funding Round

BetaBlocks, a co-builder and accelerator for early-stage blockchain technology companies, announced today that it has completed a seed funding round totaling more than $500,000 from private investors from California, Florida, Brazil and Europe.

The company was created in 2018 by co-founders Antonio Mañueco and Roberto Machado with the support of technology engineering company blubeta Group and business development and accelerator services company MarketFit. Mañueco has over 10 years of experience in the software development industry. His co-founder, Machado is a seasoned angel investor and founder of MarketFit. Together, they started BetaBlocks to provide a new wave of entrepreneurs with the possibility to build and scale startups in blockchain, as well as educate the decision makers and technical teams on blockchain technology.

This round of seed funding was oversubscribed in less than 90 days and the funds will be used to evolve BetaBlocks’ platform and expand the team to support its first year of operations and growth.

“There is more to blockchain than the current hype. We want to focus on the pragmatic use of the technology to drive change and effectively push Miami forward.  We are positioning ourselves for a long term venture and we are confident that BetaBlocks will be at the forefront of this evolution once the dust settles,” stated Antonio Mañueco, co-founder of BetaBlocks.

The co-building business model requires startups to apply for BetaBlocks’ program. Selected candidates get teamed up with BetaBlocks developers and experienced company builders, who evaluate and implement blockchain initiatives, bringing their concepts to life. The first startups participating in the program are expected to go live in October 2018.

The company’s Acceleration Program is tailor-made to suit different business needs, offering programs such as fundraising and go-to-market strategies. Startups participating in the acceleration program receive support from a team of seasoned mentors, including executives, entrepreneurs and venture capitals from the main technology and consumer hubs in the U.S.

Finally, as part of BetaBlocks’ effort to cultivate the blockchain community and workforce, the company offers corporate training for executives and their teams to help them make the right decisions around blockchain. BetaBlocks also provides workshops catering to executives and developers. During the workshops, attendees learn about the implications and practical business use cases of the technology and developers build applications that interface with a blockchain network. 

“We are seeing a growing demand for the use of blockchain in startups and we are excited to support amazing entrepreneurs trying to solve real-world problems with the technology,” said Roberto Machado, co-founder of BetaBlocks. 

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