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Yoga in Miami

Yoga is king when it comes to Health and Wellness in Miami. But with so many options, places and teachers it can get frustrating to find the right vibe for you. Just breathe. We did the leg work (literally) to give you the inside scoop on the best yoga studios and teachers in town.

Hot Yoga in Brickell

Hot Yoga Brickell is a no frills hot yoga studio with Bikram style sequencing in ninety and sixty minute segments. In each class you will go through 26 poses twice including strengthening, stretching and a whole lot of sweating. Located conveniently on the outskirts of Miami’s downtown Brickell neighborhood, this studio offers an attractive first month unlimited discount.

Set at 105 degrees, the Bikram yoga style is appropriate for beginners but be ready to drench your Lululemon's - you’ll want to bring two towels, a change of clothes and plenty of water. This intense studio is perfect for Type-A personalities who love a good challenge or those needing a quick detox.

Hot Yoga Brickell
809 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL  33130

Yoga in Miami

NoBe Yoga Studio in Miami Beach

Nobe is a bright and airy studio nestled in North Beach right off Collins Ave and very convenient for nearby residents. With a full roster of classes, workshops and events, 20 foot ceilings and two yoga rooms, this intimate and cozy space also offers a cafe for post-class smoothies and juices. If you’re looking to try different styles of yoga, Nobe offers multiple varieties of yoga such as Krama Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and unique classes like blindfolded yoga. Most of the classes here are available for all levels yogis. Look out for teachers like Gabriel and Rae Indigo for modern day Guru wisdom which they incorporate into their classes. 

Nobe Yoga Studio
214 67th Street
Miami Beach, FL 33141


Yoga in Miami

Ahana Yoga in Design District

Ahana Yoga is the kind of friendly studio where everyone knows your name. With an authentic yoga foundation, founder Dawn Feinberg (@Dawnbyoga) brings a strong Jivamukti and Ashtanga influence to the heart of the newly developed Design District. Ahana has a full schedule of daily classes and offers teacher trainings three times a year. You can count on music being a part of your classes here with chanting, harmonium and hot playlists. The classes are strong and physically challenging but also include a short meditation and an educational piece of the class with the Focus of the Month threaded into the instruction. Ahana also offers regular outdoor yoga events including their upcoming High Tide Festival on Saturday, October 20th and YogArt.

Ahana Yoga
3806 Northeast 1st Avenue
Miami, FL, 33137

Yoga in Miami

305 Yoga in Miami Shores

305 Yoga is an established neighborhood yoga studio in Miami Shores founded by Connection Coalition’s, Terri Cooper (formerly known as Yoga Gangster’s). The studio is built on the foundation of community-oriented classes and teachers while finding peace and harmony in one of their many therapeutic classes in addition to the more dynamic classes. If you’re looking for restorative, alignment based or yin yoga classes, this is the studio to hit up. You’ll find plenty of parking and a simple yet warm and welcoming design when you enter. This studio offers daily classes for all levels and believes in taking our yoga off the mat with their non-profit organization Connection Coalition. They will be hosting their upcoming Connection Coalition's Yoga Mala & Awards Gala on November 3rd at  The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort.

305 Yoga in Miami Shores
9537 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, FL 33138 



Yoga in Miami

Inhale Miami in Little Haiti

Inhale Miami is a large warehouse space beautifully designed and renovated into an urban oasis in the heart of Little Haiti/Little River Business District. This venue is known to host a variety of unique wellness events with a focus on yoga, meditation, music and community gatherings. This multi-purpose wellness space offers teachers, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs the opportunity to utilize the space for educational and recreational purposes at an affordable rate. This space offers some weekly classes and monthly events. Inhale curates and programs events such as the Little River Night Market coming up on November 17th as well as affordable yoga classes like the Sunday Free Family Yoga class every week at 10 AM (appropriate for all ages and all levels).

Inhale Miami
6310 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33138

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Yoga in Miami

Rikki Kamensky

Rikki Kamensky is a Yoga Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, entrepreneur, the sole owner of Inhale Miami, a multi-purpose Holistic space in the Miami Little River district and founding member of non-profit Yoga Kidz Inc.

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