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Best Vegan Restaurants in Miami

Vegan Restaurants in Miami

Looking to indulge in the new sprouting wave of vegan cuisine? Lucky for you vegan goodness is in full effect in the 305. Miami is blooming with plant-based options. Get those palettes ready to absorb vivid flavor, with zero cruelty involved. Here is Miami’s hottest Vegan restaurants ready to serve you Plant Powered Perfection.


I’ve been dreaming of an all vegan Asian joint and the Wynwood gods answered. At CombinAsian you can whip up the best combos of Asian delights with non-Asian meals. Create spectacular bowls that will have you wanting to combine and dine all the time.


2324 N Miami Ave

Miami, FL 33127



If you find yourself in Coconut Grove , wander over to CHOICES. Vegan hot spot classic dishes recreated plant-based. From breakfast to burritos, pizza, burgers, wraps, sandwiches, v-mac, smoothies, juices and many more goodies that will erase the non-vegan versions from your memory banks.


2895 McFarlane Rd

Miami, FL 33133

1 (305) 569-4300

Atlas Meat Free Deli

Southern Comfort style cruelty free. From subs, wings, mac and cheese, rye and chickn’ sandwiches, to their famous loaded fries. Atlas delivers it all, along with daily house made cheeses, giving their dishes a signature taste like no other.

-Atlas- Meat Free Deli-

98 NE 79 St

Miami, FL 33138

1 (305) 323-6661


This fine dining gem will highly stimulate the senses. Plant is the concept of Celebrity Chef, Matthew Kenney, serving up xquisite dishes 100% raw. Full of live enzymes and oozing with explosive taste this Menu is a Masterpiece. Plant based paradise.


105 NE 24 St

Miami, FL 33137

1 (786) 621-5006

L’Artisane Creative Bakery

Looking for the best croissants in Miami?  L’Artisane Creative Bakery was crowned winner of the best crafted croissants in the city. Along with lovely recreations of other famous sweets, this plant powered bakery will fulfill all you dessert dreams.

- L’Artisane Creative Bakery-

7423 Collins Ave

Miami Beach, FL 33141

1 (786) 502-8595

Treat yourself to every one of these incredible and innovative, restaurant concepts. Vegan is the new wave of the future. Providing guilt free eats while spreading compassion, health, peace and sustainability.

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