Art Leads the Way in Miami

Art in Miami

We think of artists as pioneers—creating the culture and anticipating what will be next, 25-year-old Miami artist/curator Jon Louis is a prime example, proving to be a cultural connector for brands looking to create meaningful and deep experiences. Saks Fifth Avenue located in the Brickell City Centre took in Jon Louis and his “Wildflower” Series an aesthetic assortment of charcoal pastel flowers on wood panels. This collaboration is now located in a window display facing 8th street one of Miami’s most circulated roads.

Art in Miami

Jon Louis is a known artist who is continuously pushing the edge of creativity helping keep brands like Saks fresh and engaging. Brooklyn born with deep Puerto Rican roots, Jon Louis established himself as one of the youngest most unique artist globally. Developing his own style focused on representing external reality by adopting an admirable assortment of spontaneous colors, creating an atmosphere for the viewer to perceive the energy. Not only have his paintings caught the attention of influential collectors around the world, Jon Louis also uses his art to propel his community. Donating pieces for multiple notable charities, giving speeches for Congress Woman Frederica Wilson and showcasing his art in acclaimed Television shows. Jon Louis’s work is an illustration of internally driven courage to be creative, courage to make a real change.

Art in Miami

History has shown that art has been a way for people to create meaningful and engaging experiences bringing emotions to life and drawing people in. Interestingly, the most successful and powerful brands now share those same goals. Many known brands/companies are impacting the world around us in the same way artists have been doing for years.

Art in Miami

“Creativity is a hot commodity,” states Jon Louis, “That’s what is uncovered when we examine art and branding, art has an immense impact on how we perceive, feel about, and behave around a brand.” With the current status of cultural evolution and consumer interest brand/artist collaborations are now more essential than ever. The fact that brands without a strong design team and artistic vision are failing is proof of this. Art is leading the way, especially for brands who want to stand out and maintain cultural relevance.

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