Women & Sharks: A Deeper Bond

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Hearing the word "Shark" while swimming in Florida's beaches is enough to have beach-goers conjure up images from the movie Jaws and immediately evacuate the water. Yet, us Floridians still seem to look forward to Shark Week every year. Sharks are clearly misunderstood and misjudged. The biggest threat to the world is not trying to understand each other and constantly destroying the beauties of the earth. Well-known Turkish underwater photographer, Mrs. Ayşegul Dinçkök, loves to capture the wonders of the underwater world in combination with her other passion; woman empowerment. Here, we learn about the impact of her art in Miami.

Ayşegul initiated her first underwater photography exhibition “DEEP PASSION” in 2013 with the overwhelmed creatures of our oceans, to better understand their relationship with humans. All the photographs in the exhibition were sold to support the Mediterranean Conservation Society’s “Aegean fisherwomen” project to assist and better their working conditions and secure their life on fishing boats with higher security measurements.

In her latest work, Ayşegul partnered up with Sahika Ercümen, world's free diving record holder, and these two courageous women dove 30 meters underwater in Jupiter Point, FL and captured photographs of the poetic dance, swimming in harmony with the ocean's predator. If approached carefully, all creatures can live together in harmony with nature and only misunderstandings can create conflict. The misunderstood exhibition emphasizes women empowerment and the bond and trust between human and animal. Now, Ayşegul brings her talents and exhibition to Miami's 2018 Art Basel to raise awareness and show off the beauties that lie underwater.


Photo Courtesy @derintutku

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