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Size Matters, at least that what the curators of this Banksy exhibit were thinking when they collected over 80 original pieces of work for this collection, making it the largest one of its kind. Pulp Fiction, Monkey Queen, and Soup Can are some of the pieces you can catch a glimpse of at this art in Miami event until February 28th, 2019. Side Note: It opened just in time for Art Basel and is an unauthorized, private collection.

But why all the hype? What is a Banksy? Well, it's definitely not a catchy name for a bank that turns paper currency into gold, or maybe it is. Banksy is a street artist turned art world phenom. His earliest works date over a decade ago, so this is no overnight success story. Since no one knows who Banksy is, the art's value is astronomical. So much so that, people have torn down walls just to sell, or preserve his work. Banksy's graffiti, in some parts of the world, is even under protection from vandalism 24/7. 

Banksy, as we know, is huge in the art world, but not to everyone. Some consider graffiti to be vandalism. In an effort to be quick, Banksy started using a stencil to get away from the cops in Bristol, where he is said to be from. His art is simple, quick, colorful, and witty. Because of this, rumors about who Banksy is continue to surface. He has done interviews, but always wears a mask and alters his voice. Some say it's one person, others say its a small group of artist. Who knows?

Simply put, his art packs a powerful punch with its anti-establishment, anti-war, existentialism, and other social and political themes. I can dig what he is doing. Especially in a world where everyone wants to know who you are, and judge you for it. From the physical appearance, to the way you dress, etc. This way all we really know about Banksy is the art that he creates, the message, and the impact it has on the art world. See it for yourself, and let me know what you think. As always, hope to see you out and about, this is Soe, checking out.

The Art of Banksy
until Feb.28th
Magic City Studios
6301 NE 4th Ave
Miami, FL 33138


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