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Miami Based Author Morgan Field Takes Home Two Awards

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Unleash your badass, bring sexy back, and own your power! These are the mottos behind The Epic Sexy You movement that best selling author, Morgan Field founded. She published her first book in 2016 that went on to win six awards and become an Amazon Best Seller. Here, we discuss her book, and how it affects art in Miami.

This past week during the Miami Book Fair, Field’s Book Epic Sexy You was given two awards at the Readers’ Favorite Award Ceremony - 5 star recognition and Top Motivational Books. She just finished working on her 2nd book and continues to focus on expanding The Epic Sexy You movement which is already in 19 countries and counting.

I got the chance to have a chat with her and found that she is quite a woman! She doesn't just write about it she lives it. Field loves herself, sisterhood, and writing. I could tell from speaking with her how dedicated she is to being who she represents in her book. Classy, sophisticated, and fearless. She teaches other women around the world to own their power and love themselves. I asked her a few questions to get to know her better.

You are a best selling author. What responsibility do you think that holds?

As a thought leader being a conduit of inspiration is the main responsibility. I also love the shit out of myself and intend to grow with my readers as we go along in this journey of self growth. 

As brand ambassador of The Epic Sexy You movement. What do you feel your life experiences and decisions may add to the message behind this movement?

I constantly challenge myself to step into more growth. Taking myself to the next level, capturing the next life lesson and sharing every step of the way like I do in the next book. It excites me to hold myself accountable in making sure I am living a life that I truly love so that I can be a beacon of light to those who may be in darkness. Providing hope that if I can do it, so can you!

On your site you use the terms “unleash your badass”, “bring sexy back”, and “own your power.” How would you define these terms?

Unleash Your Badass is about knowing that inside of you there is a Badass who will dance with your fear, and face the very things that you are afraid of so that you can show fear who is boss and create a life beyond your wildest dreams. It is not about not experiencing fear, but rather about having an upfront agreement with yourself that when fear arises you will choose your dreams and desires over comfort and the status quo of societies norms of mediocrity.

Bringing Sexy back is about reclaiming the word from it’s highly sexualized connotation. We all get to be sexy, to feel confident in who we are and how we show up in the world. Owning who you are is sexy. Being you unapologetically is sexy. 

Own your power. This goes back to the time that even when I was successful by the terms of society - at the top of the corporate mountain, loads of money in the bank, car paid off, gorgeous condo - I didn't actually feel powerful like I thought I would. Once I allowed myself to be the master creator of my own path and take full responsibility of my life - the good the bad and the ugly - that was when I truly started to own my power.

Let’s talk more about that last one. The Epic Sexy You movement is influencing in 19 countries and counting world wide. How does diversity add to your movement?

Desire love and fear are universal. Once you learn to embrace fear, dance with it, and not allow it to stop you from your dreams you can truly create a you you love being and a life you love living. As women we get to own our power to become and do whatever we want. Our inner demons should never stop us from moving forward. That was problem I saw in all of us, as diverse in culture as we may be. And that is why I do the work that I do as a Life Coach, a Speaker, and a Writer. 

What was the inspiration to write your first book?

In every session that I was having with my life coaching clients I was seeing the same patterns come up over and over again. And I realized that in writing a book about the most common patterns and sharing how to shift into new ways of being that will allow you to love yourself and your life even more that it would allow the whole world access to creating a life beyond their wildest dreams. To me that’s a pretty great motivation to write. 

What is your new book about?

The new book is about redefining power to help awaken yourself to deeper layers of consciousness so you can become an even more unshakably powerful you. It is about claiming your power and claiming your worth. It is a vortex of truth and a portal of awakening to what it truly means to live life on purpose. Wherever you are in life this book will be your gateway to the next level. The book will be released in the early months of 2019 and similar to a woman going into labor with the baby yet to be named the book still awaits it’s final chosen name. 

Stay tuned and follow the status of the new book release and it’s naming at Morgan Field’s Facebook.

You can read more about Morgan Field’s Epic Sexy You movement here:

Her first book can be purchased here:

About Morgan:

Morgan Field is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker, and Author of Epic Sexy You: No Limits. No Rules. She is a TEDx Speaker, and the First Place Winner of the 2015 IPEC Coaches Cup – an international contest conducted by one of the world’s leading coaching institutions. She is the founder of Epic Sexy You, an empowerment brand in 19 countries and counting helping individuals around the world create a legendary life they absolutely love living. With one-on-one coaching, adventure-filled retreats, group programs, and live events, the movement is focused on teaching people how to access a version of themselves they fiercely love being, to get to feel confident and powerful from the inside out, to chase fiercely wild and epic dreams, and to shed all that society has conditioned us into - so that you can truly become authentically unapologetically you.


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