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Until the 19th Century, Apocalypse meant revelation and rebirth, as in the rebuilding that followed all the wars. For 2018, internationally recognized French artist Régis Perray, in partnership with the historic Miami Beach Community Church, celebrate the return of nature, and of renewal through an Installation of Art in Miami, by gardening with the beauty and the fragility of wallpaper flowers, as we give new life and renewal to our historic 1921 sanctuary.

2018 is the last year of the centenary of the First World War, and any works of art are created to mark important historical moments, and the Apocalypse Tapestry is one of them. An allegory of 14th century religious, economic and military power commissioned by Louis I, and inspiration for artist Régis Perray, he has created a set of wallpaper flowers based on the flowers of the Apocalypse Tapestry. In the tapestry, flowers appear alongside humanity in the trials of the Seven Last Plagues. They are one of the central themes of the piece, which is unique in the world and bears a universal and above all timeless message. “This beautiful & meaningful gift to our church is a blessing, and in perfect timing as we near completion of the full restoration of our historic sanctuary for the next generations.” said minister Cynthia Lee.

After his graduation in Ecole Régionale des Beaux-Arts de Nantes in 1997, Perray has produced exhibitions on the 5 continents and showcased regularly in the French national museums and contemporary art centers (FRAC, Chartres Cathedral, national Musées des Beaux-Arts…). The little flowers of Apocalypse will be exhibited in France, in Belgium and in United States.

Mr Perray has generously donated a permanent installation of his Les petites fleurs de l’Apocalypse to the Miami Beach Community Church’s (MBCC) Kings Chapel, along with a temporary installation on our Lincoln Road construction wall in front of our historic Sanctuary building – currently under restoration – that will be on display during ART BASEL 2018.

Unveiling of these works, 12”-18” in height each, along with a personal appearance by Regis Perray, will be November 30th through December 9th. 

Pop up Shop – Dec 6-9, 2018, Kings Chapel, MBCC

Régis Perray’s project gathers some of the flowers from historic tapestries and adapts them as wallpaper, so that they grow and emerge, discreetly appearing from the ground and onto many walls in France, in Belgium and in the United States. The Little Flowers of the Apocalypse are drawn and reproduced using traditional wallpapers techniques with French Atelier d’Offard, sometimes with relief effects, flocking or hand-colored highlights. The resulting length of wallpaper is no longer something to paste directly onto the wall but has become an itinerant garden.

In Miami Beach Community Church, Régis Perray will place some of these flowers on the outside wall, where flowers will fade with the time and the weather. Inside, in Kings Chapel, flowers will grow up on the benches and on the walls. To celebrate rebirth and memory. In this way Régis Perray celebrates the return of nature, and of renewal, by gardening with the beauty and the fragility of wallpaper flowers.


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Photo courtesy @ Miami Beach Community Church

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